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First Impression: Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer

When Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer was announced I decided to save some money for the new 3DS bundle. Currently I have a Nintendo 3DS XL, Which I bought when Animal Crossing: New Leaf came out. However, my old 3DS is a bit damaged on the side and can be very slow with starting up, accessing Miiverse, Starting games or just trying to open the eShop, but other than being quite slow it works alright. So even though I’m keeping my old 3DS I decided to get a new 3DS as well. Maybe in another blog post I’ll write about the differences between the two, but this post is going to focus on the reason that I wanted this version of the new 3DS; namely, Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer.


Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is the newest game in the Animal Crossing serie. In this game you’re an employee at Nook’s homes and you help the cute inhabitants of the Animal Crossing World with decorating their homes. Lottie is your mentor and guides you through your work days at Nook’s Homes.


So far I’ve decorated three homes. The more you play the more options you get for furniture, plants and much more. Furthermore, each customer has his or her own wishes regarding their home. This can be either a specific theme or certain items that they really want you to use. I spent maybe between 20 to 30 minutes on decorating a home and so far I loved every minute of this game.


My first customer was Lottie. She needed a cute, and mostly pink, home. Lottie recently moved and had no time to decorate her own home. After you finish decorating her home you write your daily report. The daily report is your way of saving your progess in the game. However, Lottie’s home was just for practice and after that you move on to your first Client Goldie. Goldie wanted the same home that I want to live in someday, namely A Forest of Books ^^. After I finished my assignment I was able to visit Goldie again and take a picture of her and her room. I also tested out my first Amiibo Card. So Lyle came to visit Goldie as well and spent some time relaxing on Goldie’s bed. So far this game is just so much fun and the Animal Crossing style is very adorable. My next client was Lopez who wanted a stylish room, I think. So I created this modern and clean room, which had a bit of a space feeling. I loved it and Lopez loved it even more. Now I need to find some new clients, according to Lottie.


So far I love this game. As soon as I’ve played some more I’ll write an update post and add some more pictures. After all, you can take screenshots in this game and I really want to share the cuteness of this game with you :D. Also if you want to see some gameplay of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer than head over to my YouTube channel, because I’ll be posting some videos of the first few houses over there. Lastly I’m curious to know who your favourite character is of Animal Crossing. Personally, I find it difficult to decide, but I do really like Isabelle.


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