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Halloween in Disney Magical World

Disney Magical World is a cute rpg game, for the Nintendo 3DS, in which you try to save several Disney Worlds from different spooks, while running a cafe. You can customize your cafe to fit different themes and, as you might have guessed because of the title, you also have a Halloween theme. My goal was to create a Halloween themed cafe. However, I never found all the items. So instead of a complete Halloween cafe I decided to share some of my Halloween experiences in Disney Magical World.


In the background you see my cafe. This is how it looks after the first upgrade. The ground floor is used as a cafe, while my character lives on the second floor. My Mii is wearing the outfit of ms. Potts from my favorite Disney movie Beauty and the Beast.


This is how my cafe looks on the inside. The wallpaper and the floor aren’t Halloween themed. However, the counter, tables and chairs are all in a Halloween theme. I also placed some cute Pumpkins around the room for Halloween. I created Cinderella’s dress for my Mii and I gave the cute waitress my Ms. Potts outfit. She looks so cute :). Overall, Β I’m really happy with how the cafe looks.


I held a small Halloween party in my cafe. Fortunately, Mickey, Minnie and Pluto all showed up in theme. They are so cute in their beautiful Halloween outfits. That is one of the fun things about the cafe, you can organize parties and parties help you to earn more money. You need money in order to create more themed items for a themed cafe. I would love to create a Beauty and the Beast themed cafe. Maybe that will be my next theme.


I even created a cute outfit for Halloween. Purple is my favorite color, so I really like that you can make a purple witch outfit. On the background you see the main square of Castleton. This square changes according to the different seasons and holidays. Right now Castleton is ready for Halloween with its ghost statues and pumpkins. Castleton looks so nice.


I hope you like this post about my Halloween experiences in Disney Magical World :). What are you going to do for Halloween? Are you going to watch scary movies, play creepy games, or are you going to a Halloween party? Whatever it is I hope you have a wonderful Halloween.


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