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Gaming Diary: Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer #1

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer has taken over my life as of late. When I come home from work I usually start up my Nintendo 3DS and decorate some houses right before I go to sleep. Considering that I’ve had little time to game lately I really like the fact that this game does not take up an extreme amount of time and is just overal a lot of fun to play. Every time I finish a home I post some screenshots on Miiverse so that I can share my creations with everyone else.


This brings me to this new blogpost. I thought it would be fun to create regular posts, like a diary, about my adventures in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer,and I’m starting today. You can find a piece about the first homes I created in my first impressions post, or if you actually want to see some videos of the game you can head over to my YouTube channel MaiiiChaN1. However, if you prefer to just read about my experiences with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer than don’t go anywhere.


This little guy wanted a robot themed room that looked very modern and cool. I decided to use almost all of the robot themed furniture that I had in my inventory to create this home. I think it would be great to live in such a futuristic room. What do you think?


When I returned to Nook’s homes I found Isabelle waiting for me there. I’m so happy that she has a role in this game as well. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf Isabelle was always there for  you and made sure that everything in your town was properly managed. In Happy Home Designer, Isabelle has some extra assignments for you. These assignments range from decorating a school to decorating a shop or a cafe. She  has now become a regular at Nook’s home.


Lastly I helped Muffy with her new home. The sheep in Animal Crossing are always so cute and Muffy is no exception. She wanted this beautiful and elegant room and honestly, I think I want this room too. I gave the room some purple accenst, because purple is not only my favourite collor, but Muffy has some purple in her design as well.


This is the last home of the day. I’ll have more cute Happy Home Designer stories next time. Let me know in the comments if you play this game as well and what you think of it. If you have some time to spare than please check out my other Animal Crossing posts and videos and next time there will be more Happy Home Designer.




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