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October Favourites

I know I’m very late with my monthly favourites this time. Work and studying have kept me from writing blog posts. However, I do have some favourites that I would like to share with you. So let’s get started with the october favourites.

Book: The Magician’s Nephew.

I recently started a new job and this means that I now have to travel by train a lot. Although rush hour tends to be rather annoying I’ve found one good thing about traveling by train and that is that during my train ride, I finally have some time to do some reading. This makes me very happy, considering that I haven’t been able to finish a book in ages. This brings me to my first favourite if the month, which is the book The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis. The Magician’s Nephes is part 6 of the Narnia Chronicles. However, I’ve decided to read it first, because the recommended reading order says that it is better to start with this book, because this book is the prequel to the well-known Narnia stories.

So far the two main characters, Digory and Polly, have traveled to a far land, awakened an evil queen and accidentally brought her with them to their world. Thankfully they were able to bring this evil queen, or Witch back to the world between worlds and this is where I currently am in the story. So far no Narnia. However, the book is an easy read and I cannot wait to finally get to the part about Narnia. I’ll probably write a review about the book, so if you’re interested in that than do check my blog frequently.



Game: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

I’ve already written a lot about this game on my blog. I’ve written a post about my first impression, I’ve created videos about this game and I’ve started a gaming diary, so I feel that I’ve already said to much about this game. Therefore, I’ll be very brief. In this Animal Crossing game you work for Nook’s Homes and you have to decorate new homes for Nook’s clients. It is a fun and cute game and I love it. I highly recommend it for Animal Crossing fans.


Handheld Console: New Nintendo 3DS

When I bought Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer I bought the Nintendo 3DS bundel that contained that game. This 3DS bundel also contained a New Nintendo 3DS with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer cover plates. I’m a big fan of customizing the new 3DS, so I can’t wait to get more coverplates. However, that isn’t the only improvement. The new 3D function work a lot beter as well. Now you can actually  play a game with the 3D function on. However, there is one downside and that is that the new 3DS has les memory than my old Nintndo 3DS XL. So unfortunately I had to remove a few games in order to perform a system transfer. However I’m still really happy with my new Nintendo 3DS.



Anime: Himouto! Umaru-chan

I haven’t watched anime in such a long time. However, I had a cold a few weeks ago and I couldn’t go to work. So I decided to turn on Crunchyroll. I wanted to watch a short and fun anime, so I ended up watching Himouto! Umaruchan. This anime follows the life of this perfect high school student Umaru. At school she exceeds in every subject. However, once she gets home she turns into this lazy, chibified version of herself, who only plays video games, watches anime and reads manga. Umaru’s brother is the only one who knows how she acts at home, as Umaru tries to hide her other self from her friends. The anime revolves around Umaru’s bad habits and around the funny situations that occur as Umaru tries to hide her chibified form.  It is a cute and funny anime that you can finish in a couple of days and I highly recommend it :).


These four are my favorites for the month October. Let me know in the comments what you think of these favorites and if you have some monthly favorites that you want to share, than please do so in the comments. Also if you have some manga or anime recommendations than leave a comment as well.


2 gedachten over “October Favourites

    1. Ja ik heb wel een dream adress, maar al best lang niet geupdate :P. Ik wil niet weten hoe mijn stadje er nu uitziet :P. Je kan de dream suit, waar je jouw dream adress krijgt, op de volgende manier unlocken. Op een gegeven moment als je Isabelle een keer ziet slapen in de Town hall en je haar wakker maakt, kan je de dream suit bouwen (bij public works) Dit kan volgens mij al na een week :).


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