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Gaming Diary: Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer #2

As I’m still spending most of my free time playing Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, I decided to post the homes that I designed here. Along with the names of the homes, I also added the Happy Home Desiger codes, so you can visit my homes. I would love to know what you think of them. Also if you want to share some of your homes with me than please leave the codes in the comments. I would love to see what everyone builds. I feel like most people are so much more creative than I am and it is so much fun to see how different cafe’s and school are decorated. Anyway, please take a look at five new homes that I created for Queenie, Redd, Tangy, Stitches and Deirdre.

Queenie’s home. A world of black and white. 0509-7702-034day 2 -4day 2 -1


Redd’s home. I’ll leave it up to you. 0409-7702-974day 2 -2day 2 -3


Tangy’s home. A deliciously fruity room. 0799-7725-074Day 3-4Day 3-5


Stitches’ home. A colorful toy box. 0904-7722-988Day 3-3Day 3-2


Deirde’s home. An autumnal atmosphere. 0604-7725-974.Day 3-1 
I will be posting more homes on my blog very soon, so check in regularly. Also if you are interested in videos about Animal Crossing: Happy Home designer and other cute games, than please visit my YouTube channel, which you can find here. I would really appreciate it if you would like or subscribe :). If you have some other recommendations for cute video games than leave those in the comments as I’m always looking for new video games :). Anyway, until next time :).


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