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Gaming Diary: Getting back to Fantasy Life

As you may have guessed, I’ve started playing Fantasy Life again. I never got very far playing this game, because it is an open world game and I like to complete areas before moving on to a new area. Currently I’m still unlocking all the lifes and I found out that I really love the crafting lives. It looks so adorable to craft something in this game, but then again this game looks really cute in general. Anyway, here are some screenshots of my latest adventures in Fantasy Life.

Port Puerto:

I finally started to explore Port Puerto. I took my little companion Stardust (my white dog) with me. We found our first bounty in a couple of minutes and immediately returned to hand in our latest bounty. Port Puerto is such a beautiful area. I love the beautiful beach theme of this place. I cannot wait to complete more quests and explore the waters of Port Puerto. However, I still hadn’t finished all my quests in Castele, so I decided to return to the starting area. It really bothers me when I haven’t finished all the quests.


In Castelle I decided to not only start finishing all my quests for this area, but also to unlock all the lifes. So far I unlocked the Magician’s life, the Angler’s Life, the Woodcutter’s Life and the Miner’s Life. This is a good combination to start with if you want to be able to fight and to sell all the items that you find during your quests. However, I wanted to be able to craft things with my items. So instead of selling them, I decided to unlock all the crafting lifes and see what would happen next.

This is where I stop for today. Next time I’ll probably continue with finishing all my quests in Castele. Do you have any tips for me for playing Fantasy Life? Than leave them in the comments :).


2 gedachten over “Gaming Diary: Getting back to Fantasy Life

  1. omg i need this game o_o i got it reserved for me at work but i still havent got time to pick it up XD (i’ll start the internship again in january) cant wait to play it =D i love reading posts like this ❤


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