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Gaming Diary: Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer #3

I wanted to share some new Animal Crossing homes in this part of my gaming diary. Please visit some of my homes and let me know what you think. If you’ve designed some homes as well, than please feel fee to share those with me in the comments. This game is just so wonderful.

Pecan’s home. A chic and relaxed room. 0002-7759-059day 4-5day 4-2 Pecan's home


Carmen’s home. A chocolat overload. 0095-7752-039

day 4-1 Carmen's Homeday 4-4


Cafe. Cute palace. 0605-7702-024

day 4-3


Molly’s home. A publishing home. 0906-7714-993

day 5-1day 5-2day 5-3


Scoot’s home. A house with a pool. 0990-7714-013

day 5-6day 5-4 day 5-5

If you like posts like this, than let me know in the comments. If you know any other cute games that I can play on the Nintendo 3DS than let me know as well. Also if you like videos about cute Nintendo 3DS games than please visit my YouTube channel and check out some of my Animal Crossing videos.



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