Christmas Gift Guide: Girly Gifts

I know this is very different from what I usually write about, but I love reading posts like these, so I thought why not write one myself. Christmas is around the corner, which means it is time to do some Christmas shopping. If you are looking for ideas, than please continue reading. This is going to be one of several gift guide’s for Christmas. Each guide will have a theme. The theme for this one is, as you may have guessed, girly gifts.

The Body Shop: Frosted Plum Collection.

The body shop has several nice items that you can buy your friends for Christmas. They have skin cremes, lipbalms, nice scents and make up. However, the line that I found to have the nicest scent was the Frosted Plum line. Below you find some of the different products in this line. My personal favorite is the handcreme, as my hands tend to dry out and hurt during the winter.



The Body Shop: Cherry Blossom

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to try out these products, but they looked beautiful. Moreover, I tend to love cherry blossom scents, so I ordered these products anyways. I’ll let you know what I think about them as soon as they arrive.


Lush: Snow Fairy And Curly Wurly

These two products are my favourite Lush products. If you have curly hair I highly recommend Curly Wurly as an addition to the other shampoo you are using. It is just really good for your hair. Snow fairy is a limited edition shower gel that smells really sweet. It is only sold during the fall and winter. I try to buy it every year, because it is my favourite shower gell be far.


Coloring Books: The enchanted forest and Lost Ocean

Coloring books are a good way of relaxing after a busy day. Recently, these books gained popularity and now there are many versions of these coloring books sold world wide. My personal favorites are The enchanted forest and Lost ocean.



Movie: Cindella

If your friend likes movies, than maybe the new Cinderella movie is something she would like. It is a feel-good, beautiful, magical Disney movie. Perfect for watching during the holidays.

Momiji dolls

Lastly, I have added an item that is on my personal wish list and that is a cute Momijidoll from the following website. Their designs look unique and amazing and I cannot wait to order one some day.

moniji_doll_ecplore moniji_doll_love_bug_jpg moniji_doll_sunshine

I hope that this gift guide will help you out with your holiday shopping, a as always let me know in the comments what you thinks of this post. If you want to see more gift guides than check my website frequently as I’ll be posting more and happy holidays.


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