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Christmas Gift Guide: Geeky Gifts

This second gift guide will be a list full of  afforable, geeky gifts to give for your friends for Christmas. It has cute plushies, beautiful figurines and awesome video games; what could you want more. Hopefully this guide will provide you with great gift ideas for your closest friends and family.

Funko pop

Funky pops are figurines in a cute style. They have many different figurines from Disney characters to comic book characters to movie characters. If it is some well known character Funko pop wil have a figurine of him or her. Below you see some of my personal favourites.




I love collecting beautiful figurines and Nintendo has some beautiful figurines that are called Amiibo. Furthermore, they aren’t just beautiful they are also functional, as they can be used in several Nintendo games. If one of your friend is a fan of Nintendo than this might be something for him or her. Also if you live in the Netherlands and are still looking for specific Amiibo than don’t just check the video game stores, but also check th toy stores. They have a lot of Amiibo as well.




Tsum Tsum

Are you looking for a small but cute gift? Than maybe Tsum Tsum might be something for you. They are these adorable Disney plushies that are sold in three different sizes. The smallest ones are not expensive at all and a musthave for all Disney fans.




Nintendo Coverplates

As you may have noticed I really like Nintendo games. So it is no surprise that this list contains some Nintendo items. If your friend has a new Nintendo 3DS than it might be a fun idea to get them new cover plates for their 3DS. However, these cover plates do not fit on the Nintendo 3DS XL.



Cute video games

Lastly, I thought it would be fun to add a few video games to this list. You can get PC games for a good price on Steam. However, you do need to have a Steam account, which is really easy to create. For other games your local video game and toy stores are always a good option.

Child of light

child of light

Lego The hobbit

lego the hobbit

Minecraft story mode

mine craft story mode

Ori and the blind forest.

ori and the blind forest

As always let me know what you think of these items and let me know what is on your wishlist for Christmas. Happy holidays everyone.


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