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Amiibo Unboxing: Special Mario’s, Mewtwo and Falco

I addded some new Amiibo to the Amiibo collection and I thought it would be fun to create a small unboxing blog post of my latest additions. The previous Amiibo unboxing can be found here. As I mentioned before I love collecting Amiibo, eventhough some of them are rather difficult to find. Below you find the following Amiibo: Two special 30th anniversary Amiibo, Mewtwo and Falco. If you like these unboxing posts than let me know in the comments and I might write a few more. If you want to see the entire Amiibo collection than let me know as well. Let’s get started.

Amiibo – Classic Color Mario – Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary
Mario_5 Mario_6
Mario_7 Mario_8
I really wanted the special 30th anniverdary editions of Mario, because they look so cool. They look like the oldskool Mario. These Amiibo are a must have for all Amiibo collectors. If you want to know for which games you can use these Amiibo than go to the Amiibo guide on the Nintendo website. It is a very thorough guide :).

Amiibo – Modern Color Mario – Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary
Mario_1 Mario_2
Mario_3 Mario_4
Ofcourse I had to get both of the 30th anniversary Mario Amiibo. They just look so nice together. Their design is really beautiful and they are very unique compared to the other Amiibo.
Mario_11 Mario_10

Amiibo – Mewtwo
Mewto_1 Mewto_2
The next Amiibo that I got was Mewtwo from Pokémon. Mewtwo is from the first generation of Pokémon and usable in many games including ofcourse Super Smash Bros. In super Smash Bros you can train him to become the strongest fighter ever.

Amiibo – Falco Lombardi – Super Smash Bros.
Falco_1 Falco_2
Falco_4 Falco_5
The last Amiibo added to the collection is Falco. I bought Falco because my boyfriend really wanted this Amiibo. He is a well known character from Star Fox and, just like Mewtwo he is usable in Super Smash Bros and many other games. Falco is very detailed and the amiibo looks really nice. Although he did have some balance issues when standing on the couch.
groups_2_1 Falco_7

Which one do you like best? Let me know in the comments if you have a favourite Amiibo. If you want to support this blog than please follow me on WordPress or Bloglovin. It would mean a lot to me. Also if you want to see videos about cute video games than check out my YouTube channel MaiiiChan1.




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