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Gaming Diary: Pokemon Rumble #1

A new Gaming Diary! This time it is not Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer or Fantasy Life diary, no it is time for a Pokémon game. Pokémon Rumble World is free game for the Nintendo 3DS. You can download it from the eShop. Just like in any Pokémon game you need to catch ‘em all. However, this time you’re a toy Pokémon. you leave your trainer, or your Mii, behind in the village as you go on an adventure. You can visit different worlds and naturally catch different kind of Pokémon. So let’s get started.

Fairy Pokemon
pokemon_rumble_fairy_1 pokemon_rumble_fairy_2
The first world That I visited had a lot of cute fairy Pokémon. Fairy Pokémon and Ghost Pokémon are definitely my favourite Pokémon. So I did my best to catch as many Pokémon as I could.
pokemon_rumble_fairy_3 pokemon_rumble_fairy_4
Jolteon definitely has done her best, as you can see here. I caught a lot of Munna’s, which are so cute. I love Munna. I even have a keychain of her on my bag.

Flying Pokemon
pokemon_rumble_flying_1 pokemon_rumble_flying_2
The next stop was an island with flying Pokémon, which can only mean one thing, BIRDS! Birds are my favourite animals. I even have three little parrots at home (named Chibi, Zelda and Pichu). You can find a few pictures of these cuties on my instagram. Anyway I really wanted to catch a few bird Pokémon.
pokemon_rumble_flying_3 pokemon_rumble_flying_4
As you can see above, I caught a few hotthoots and a cute little Natu. Bird Pokémon are so cute <3.

Water Pokemon
pokemon_rumble_water_1 pokemon_rumble_water_2
My last stop was at an island with water Pokémon. Look at the army of Pipilups, aren’t they just adorable. These toy Pokémon are so cute.
I only caught a few Pokémon as you can see, but I’m really happy with them. Wingull is the newest addition to the bird Pokémon army 😀 and Staryu and Krabby are awesome as well.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve played this game before and what you think of it. I tend to play it if I have a few minutes to spare, because it is a rather short and easy game. Anyway, as always if you want to support this blog than please follow me on Bloglovin or WordPress. it means a lot to me. Also if you would like to see some videos about cute video games than head over to my YouTube channel MaiiiChaN1 .




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