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January in Photo’s

A new year means that it is time for new projects. So I thought it would be fun to share different photo’s from each month in a blogpost. This way I have a small adventure diary for each month. I’ll be using nine foto’s for each month. So let’s start with my adventures in January.


(1. Finished Bee and Puppycat 2. Chibi 3. Working on my thesis.)

1. Bee and Puppycat: I only recently found Bee and Puppycat online and I really loved the art. So I decided to buy volume 1. I love the style and stories of this volume so much, that I really want to order volume 2 as well. I cannot wait to continue reading. Maybe I should check out the cartoon as well.

2. Chibi: Chibi is one of my lovebirds. Although he can be really annoying sometimes he has his cute moments as well.

3. Working on my thesis: Unfortunately I’m still struggling with my thesis, but I’m almost done. I’m working on the final version right now. Honestly, I cannot wait to finally be done with college. I’m kind of over homework and essays at this point :p.  


(4. In the train. 5. Slippers. 6. New Colouring book.)

4. In the train: I recently visited a friend of mine. This meant that I had to spend about 4 hours that day in the train. Thankfully the trains were riding on time and it wasn’t that crowded :).

5. Slippers: I wear these slippers every day. I got cold really easy. Especially when my feet aren’t warm. So I always wear slippers in the winter and although these slippers look really thin they are actually really warm. I’m so happy with them.

6. New Colouring Book: Although I have a colouring book already, I decided to get the ocean themed one as well. Colouring is a good way to destress. Now I need to find the time to actually start colouring.


(7. Baby bird Luma. 8. First page colouring book. 9. Pastel wool.)

7. Baby bird Luma: Two of my lovebirds had an adorable, little baby lovebird. I named her Luma. She is a few weeks old right now. She’s so cute <3.

8. First page colouring book: I finished the first page of the ocean themed colouring book. I really want to make this colouring book extremely colourful. However I have to admit that I haven’t coloured since finishing this page. I really need to make some time and continue with this book. The designs are so beautiful.

9. Pastel wool: When I saw this wool in the store I immediately felt inspired to create a scarf out of it. The colours are just so beautiful. Now I just need to learn how to knit. Thankfully there are tutorials on YouTube.

 January was a bit of an uneventful month. I mostly worked, edited my thesis, and just enjoyed some quiet evenings at home (although evenings are never quiet when you have parrots). Let’s see what next month is going to bring. I really want to start visiting more places. Maybe that will be my goal for next month. Anyway, let me know in the comments if you’ve done something fun or interesting this month. As always, if you want to support this blog than please follow me on WordPress or on Bloglovin. If you would like to see some videos about cute video games than please check out my YouTube channel MaiiiChaN1. Currently, I’m posting one video a week.



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