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Food and Video Games Haul

Recently, I went into town to pick up my copy of Final Fantasy Explorers and along the way I picked up a few other things as well. So, last minute I decided to create a mini haul and share with you all the things that I got. Below you find a picture of everything that I bought. As you can see it is all video game or food related. Let’s get started.


Food: Matcha Pocky and Arizona Black and white Iced Tea 
I love tea, green tea and ice tea and I especially like the Arizona Iced tea. So when I walked into a candy store and saw that they had a wide selection of Arizona iced tea I was really happy. It was difficult to pick just one can (and quite expensive), but the flavour was so nice. It is really fresh and pleasant. I am definitely going to get this again. To my surprise they had a lot of Japanese candy in this candy store. There was matcha pocky, regular pocky and different flavour kitkats. For example, there was a matcha flavour kitkat (which I want to buy next time). However, this time I decided to get the matcha pocky. The matcha pocky was so delicious. If you love matcha I highly recommend it. I bought both of these at Jamin.


Amiibo: Blathers and Celeste
I love the Animal Crossing games and birds are my favourite animals so ofcourse I had to get the these two new Amiibo. Blathers and Celeste are two owls, who run the museum in Animal Crossing New Leaf. I was lucky to find them in one of the video game stores as most toy stores weren’t selling them yet. I’m really happy with these two. I have four Animal Crossing Amiibo so far. The next one one my wishlist is Reese.


Video Game: Final Fantasy Explorers (3DS)
Lastly I picked up my copy of Final Fantasy Explorers for the Nintendo 3DS. I really want to play this game and I cannot wait to start. I’ll let you know what I think about it as soon as I’ve played a couple of hours. Maybe I’ll even post a gaming diary about it. Let me know if you play this game as well :D.


This was my unplanned, little haul. What do you think about the products that I got? Let me know in the comments. Also if you like to support this blog than please follow me on Bloglovin and WordPress. If you want to see videos about cute video games and other geeky stuff than head over to my channel MaiiiChaN1. I’ve recently started posting videos again and right now my goal is to post a video once a week :D.



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