February Goals

After being inspired by a video that I saw on YouTube, I decided to make a small list of goals that I want to achieve for february. Hopefully, this small list of goals will help me to be more creative and to relax more during this busy and stressful time. If this little project works than I might make a list for March as well; who knows. For now I have created a few goals for this month.

This may sound weird, but I want to learn how to knit again. At one point my mom did try to teach me, but I wasn’t very good at it. However, after finding this beautiful woll at a local store I suddenly feel inspired to give it a second try. I would love to make a simple, round scarf.

Start a new Anime series:
I find it difficult to just sit down and watch an anime. This is mainly because I can’t multitask while watching an anime. I need to read the subtitles while I’m watching, so I can’t work on my thesis or something else at the same time. However, I do miss watching anime. So I’m going to try to sit down and just watch a couple of episodes.

Visit an interesting place:
When I go to a bigger city I usually just go shopping. So I thought it would be fun to plan a day out and go visit a museum or something else that is interesting. I want to explore some more and discover new places.

Start reading a book:
I recently started following more bookstagram accounts and I would love to start reading more. So I decided to start easy and to finish one book in a month. This can be a book, a manga, a comic or a graphic novel. I haven’t decided yet.

Do you have goals for this month that you want to achieve? No matter how big or small I would love to know what they are. Please let me know in the comments. Also if you would like to support this blog than please follow me on Bloglovin or WordPress. If you like to watch YouTube videos than please go and check out my Youtube channel MaiiiChaN . I upload once a week on wednesday.



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