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January Favourites

Although we’re already halfway through february I still wanted to share some of my january favourites. There is a lot of diversity in my january favourites. From books to music to video games; I feel that there is something interesting for everyone.  So let’s get started.

Gadget: Adonit Jot mini Stylus
I really want to learn to draw digitally, but I cannot afford a drawing tablet. So instead of trying to save money for a new drawing tablet I decided to buy a decent drawing stylus and draw on my iPad. I use the app SketchbookX for this, which allows you to use three layers. So far it has been working well for me, but learning to draw digitally has been quite an adjustment. Either way the Adonit Jot mini so far has been the best stylus that I’ve draw with. I might update you on my drawing progress as soon as I’ve draw a bit more. For now you can find a few doodles below.

Books: Bee and Puppycat vol.1 
I read this book on the train to work and I loved it so much. Bee and Puppycat has a very unique style that I really liked. This volume was a collection of short stories that I read through extremely fast. What I also liked about this book is that it gave me the inspiration to start drawing again.

Books: De Verborgen Oceaan by Johanna Bassford
De Verborgen Oceaan or the Lost Ocean is a colouring book by Johanna Bassford with an ocean theme. This book has gorgeous designs and I love colouring in it. Below you find some of the images from hte book that I’ve already coloured.

Music: Elisa and the bears- Light it up
So I’ve been looking for some new music lately and I wanted music that would inspire me.  This song has such an uplifting video clip and overal good vibe that I cannot stop listening to it.

Music: Ok Go – I won’t let you down
Another song that has overall good video, and a fun video clip, is I won’t let you down by Ok go. I found this song on someone else’s blog and I immediately fell in love with the video clip.

Other: Rituals Candle
Eventhough Rituals candles are very expensive, I rather buy a Rituals candle than a cheeper candle, because the smell of Rituals candles is just wonderful. The smell really lingers even when the candle isn’t lit.

Accessoiries: New Watch
I usually don’t wear a watch around my wrist, because I like small pocket watches more. However, after I saw this watch I changed my mind completely. If I could design a watch it would look something like this watch. It has this beautiful design inspired by the night sky. It has a moon and starts on it and all the different months in a year as well. It’s just beautiful.

Video games: Blade & Soul
My last favourite of january is a new game that I’ve been playing called Blade & Soul. It’s this MMORPG that recently came out and it is so much fun to play. My first character is a cute, pink-haired summoner with a small familiar; a cute cat.  I just love RPGs en this one is so beautiful. Have you played this game before?

These were my favourites for the month january. Let me know in the comments what you think of them. Also let me know if you played Blade & Soul and if you have, what kind of character you play. I’m so curious to see what other people chose, as you can only choose two characters. If you want to support this blog than please follow me on Bloglovin and WordPress and if you are looking for some cute videos than please check out my YouTube channel MaiiiChaN1.




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