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Which one will you choose: Pokemon Red, Blue or Yellow

I’ve always loved Pokemon. As a child I used to watch the Anime every chance I got. Even if it was a re-run of an episode I had seen so many times before. I remember teaching myself to draw 060PoliwagPikachu and when Pokemon cards came out, I had my own collection. My favourite card was (and still is) Poliwag. Yet despite my love of Pokemon I’ve never played the original Pokemon games. I did not have a gameboy and honestly I wasn’t really aware of the games at the time. However, when Nintendo announced that they would be releasing the original Pokemon games, Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow for the Nintendo 3DS I was really excited. This is my chance to play the original games. Now I have a choice to make: Red, Blue or Yellow?


My first instincts tell me to pick Yellow, because Pikachu is just adorable, but I’m not 100% sure  yet. Which one would you choose? The main difference between these three is that Pokemon Red and Blue are similar to the standard Pokemon games. You beat the gym leaders, find 150 Pokemon and beat the elite four. Pokemon Yellow follows the anime a bit more. You start out your journey with a Pikachu and your rival has an Eeevee. Sounds familiar right? Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow will be released on the 27th of February.


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