Drawing on an iPad

If you’ve read my January favourites post than you may know that I recently bought a new stylus for my iPad Mini 2. The reason behind this recent purchase is my wish to learn to draw digitally. This stylus makes it possible for me to draw the smallest details with good precision. It is definitely a good alternative if you’re not sure if you want to buy a drawing tablet. However, this post is not about the new stylus, but about drawing digitally. I thought I would make a small post on the beginning of my journey to become better at drawing.


I use the following items for drawing digitally: my iPad Mini 2, Adonis Jot stylus Mini and the app Sketchbook Express. Although this app only provides me with 3 layers, it is enough to make basic drawings. When you’re done with a certain layer you can merge it with the layer below. This way you have a new layer to use everytime.

drawingon ipad tools
1. iPad Mini  2. Adonis Jot Mini Stylus. 3. App: SketchBook Express.

I started simple when I decided to draw my favourite Pokemon Poliwag. One of my favourite aspects of drawing digitally is that I can zoom in and work on the details. This is a useful tool for creating good line-art. After drawing simple drawings, I decided that I wanted to draw Cinderella from the most recent Cinderella movie. I love this movie and it was good practice. I think the drawing turned out allright. Wat do you think? Can you recognise the different characters below?

drawings iPad
4. Poliwag. 5. Luma. 6. Cinderella. 

So far I love drawing on my iPad and I’ll continue practicising drawing digitally this way. Do you think it is possible to use an iPad as a good drawing tablet? Let me know in the comments. Also below you find the latest drawing I’ve been working on. Maybe I can use it as the banner for my website, who knows.




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