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February Favourites

Another month has passed which means that it is time for another favourites post. It feels as if February passed so quickly. I mostly spend it either working on my thesis or working at my job. However, I finally set a deadline for my thesis so hopefully I will graduate at the end of March. Keep your fingers crossed :). This means that I’ll have more time for my blog and YouTube channel again, which would be great. Although I only have a few favourites for this month I thought I would share them with you anyway. So let’s get started.

Apps: Sleep Bug and Relax Melodies: Sleep & Yoga
Due to stress I’ve been having trouble sleeping. I usually need noise to distract me so that I don’t think about everything that I could have done better that day. I found my solution to this problem in these two apps. Both apps  create background noise that help me to stop thinking for a moment. If you’re having trouble sleeping than I highly recommend trying these apps :).
sleep bug appRelax Melodies Sleep & Yoga

Tea: Snore and Peace by Clipper
I love to drink tea. Especially during the winter when it is cold outside. After a long day of work I like to watch YouTube videos and drink some tea before I go to sleep. Lately I’ve constantly been picking the same tea, namely Snore and Peace. This is a biological Tea that you can find at grocery stores here in the Netherlands.

Series: Elementary
I decided to re-watch Elementary because I find it a really good show. I do have to say that I don’t neccessarily see it as a re-make of the Sherlock Holmes stories, but rather as an interesting crime show. I’ve been watching some new shows, but they don’t seem to hold my interest. If you know some shows that I can watch than leave a comment.

Video Games: Hyrule Warriors
Lastly, one of the video games that I’ve been playing is Hyrule Warriors. I love to play these kind of games and currently I’m playing through the Legend mode and I really like the story. The characters that I play the most are Lana, Cia and Impa. I especially love Impa’s fighting style. There are a lot of DLC packs as well. Maybe I’ll buy some of those. Who knows. For now I need to finish the story first.
hyrule warriors

These are all my favourites for February. If you have some favourites that you would like to share than please leave them in the comments. I’ll talk to you soon.



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