MTG Duel Decks: Blessed vs. Cursed

Although I haven’t really been playing Magic the Gathering lately I do keep up with the news  and the new duel deck sounded amazing. It is called Blessed vs. Cursed and it has an amazing theme. These two decks are meant to be played against each other. The first deck ‘Blessed” is an azorius deck that consists of humans, angels and spirits , while the second deck “Cursed”, is a dimir deck which consists of zombies and Demons. Each deck has 1 foil mythic rare and 5 other rares. I recently bough these two decks and decided to write a small unboxing post. So let’s see what’s inside the Duel Decks: Blessed vs. Cursed.
20160306_170503_mh1458480324669 Above you see the packaging of the two duel decks. The card on the left is Gheist of Saint Traft complete with new art. The card on the right is Mindwrack demon. To complete this picture I decided to add Liliana, because she just fits in so well with the theme.
20160306_170919_mh1458480386407Inside the box you find two D20 spin-down dice, two duel decks and two small boxes to store these decks in. These boxes look very beautiful. However, they are not very functional. You can only store tha cards in these boxes if they aren’t in sleeves. So if you use sleeves for the cards than you should buy bigger deck boxes.
20160306_171430_mh1458480974602The Blessed deck has one mythic rare, Geist of Saint Traft and 5 other rares. These rare cards are: Champion of the Parish, dearly departed, Eerie interlude, increasing devotion and Captain of the mists. The new art for Geist of Saint Traft looks amazing. I really want to play this deck, but then again I love the theme of the other deck as well. Some of my favourite creature types are in these two decks.
20160306_171617_mh1458480813351The mythic rare for the Cursed deck is called Mindwrack demon and the other 5 rares are called: Havengul runebinder, Gravecrawler, Harvester of Souls, Sever the bloodline and Unbreathing horde. This deck looks really creepy, but I cannot wait to play it. I haven’t been able to test these two decks, but I’ll probably test them sometime soon.
20160306_172512_mh1458480454826What do you think of new duel deck? Are you looking forward to the new set Shadows over Innistrad? Let me know in the comments and I’ll talk to you soon.






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