Charizard EX – Red and Blue Collection Unboxing

Pokemon is celebrating its 20th birthday this year, which means a lot of unique Pokemon sets will be released. One of these sets is the Charizard Ex – Red and Blue collection box. There is also a new special set for each month called the Mythial Pokémon Collection. The first set of this collection contained Mew. Anyway, my boyfriend and I decided to open one of these boxes and I thought it would be fun to open one for this blog. These boxes look amazing.
20160317_181805_mh1458482056015 These boxes contain a Charizard EX-card, a larger version of this card and several Generations boosters, which contains cards from the Radiant collection as well. These cards are recognisable by a small image or icon which you can find on the left side of the image on the card.
20160317_181959_mh1458481976096 I love the art on Pokemon cards. Especially on the radiant collection. The art is beautiful and different from the art from the standard Pokemon cards.
20160317_182529_mh1458481893816 At the top  you see some of the reverse hollow cards that we got from the box, which are Tangela, Gyarados and Machoke. I especially love Tangela. Tangela is just the addorable. Below these three cards you see two cards from the radiant collection. I love that these cards present a story of a child and his charmander. Now I just need the Charizard card to finish the story. It would be great if they did the same thing with the Bulbasaur evolutions. Bulbasaur is my favourite starter Pokemon.
20160317_182607_mh1458481843249 Some of the other interesting cards are the two trainer cards Wally and Shauna and the two Pokemon Dedenne and Yveltal. Dedenne just looks so cute and I really love the design on the card itself. Dedenne, Yveltal and Wally are from the Radiant collection.
20160317_182633_mh1458481710873 The last three interesting cards taken from this box are Dugtrio, Hitmonlee and Jynx. What do you think of these cards? Have you openend any of the Generations boosters or the Mythical Pokemon Collection? Let me know in the comments. I’ve pre-ordered the Jirachi Mythical Pokkemon Collection box, so expect an unboxing as soon as it’s released. For now I think I’m going to draw some Pokemon. I’ll talk to you soon.




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