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My Opinions on Miitomo

Nintendo’s social app Miitomo recently came out. Although I was a bit skeptical at first I ended up really liking this app. I even asked some of my friends to download the app as well, just so I could play more. If you are curious about Miitomo tha please continue reading. Here are my opinions on Miitomo.
20160407124717 (2)
Miitomo is an app that can be downloaded for both smartphones and tablets. In this app you create a Mii that can communicate with the Mii’s of your friends by answering questions. Your friends will get to see which answers you give and you can see their answers as well. There are many customisation features for you Mii. Including personality and voice customisation, which is  hilarious. If you turn the sound of your phone on your Mii will actually read out loud what he or she is saying. What makes it so funny are the different voices and the fact that your Mii won’t always pronounce everything correctly. It is just so funny and adorable.
Screenshot_20160407-155334 1 Throughout this game you will be able to earn points. You can spend these points in the store. Here you can buy cute clothing for your Mii and give your Mii its own unique style. However, if you are looking for truly awesome items than you should definitely try out the mini-game, called Miitomo Drop. Although you need to have a ticket in order to play this game, it is definitely worth it. For example this week this game had items such as: a cat hoodie, cat socks and a small cat for on your back and of course there were other themed courses as well. Lastly you can take pictures with your Mii, which is just so much fun. I already posted my first picture on Instagram. So Cute <3.
Screenshot_20160407-155906Overall I’m really enjoying plaing Miitomo and I would definitely recommend it to other people. However, this game isn’t any fun if your friends aren’t playing it as well. Luckily you can find out who is playing Miitomo by connecting your Twitter and Facebook account to this app. In short, here are my pros and cons of Miitomo.
20160407123846+ Customising the personality of your Mii.
+ Answering questions and getting to know your friends.
+ Reading answers out loud.
+ Taking pictures with your Mii.

– Need currency to play Miitomo Drop, which has all the good items.
– I wish there were more mini-games

Raiting:  stars rating 4 (4/5).20160407123934 Now I’m curious whaat you think of Miitomo. Are you currently playing this app? If so let me know what your experiences and opinions are and I’ll talk to you soon.



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