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Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer April Challenge

I only recently found out that Animal Crossing: Happy Home designer has monthly challenges. I’m so sad that I didn’t find it out any time sooner :O. Thankfully I was just in time for the April challenge, which is The Fairy Tale Challenge. This theme was made for me. Below you find my entry. If you want to enter as well, than you can find the challenge in the Happy Home Network.
WVW69jFuNEQB9mYBOe Before I start with a tour of my Fairy Tale house I need to share an image of king Nook. He looks so amazing <3. I wish I had a crown in Animal Crossing. Do you know how to get a crown? If so than please let me know in the comments. Anyway Let’s get started.
WVW69jFuWrAA3KKaKc WVW69jFuXnsXQnyGSe Firstly, Let’s take a look inside. I decided  to create a pink and white fairy tale home with lots of plants. I wanted to make a modern castle in the middle of the woods and I really like how it turned out :).
WVW69jFuYb8nttYPwV WVW69jFud8IjhzLa2zOfcourse king Nook had to inspect the house as well. He seems right at home, working behind his regal desk and drinking some tea.
WVW69jFufDIYyfcBIp WVW69jFudI8PMeDrZlLastly, I designed the garden. There were two fairy tale items that I was allowed to use for this challenge. Namely, a carriage and a set of spinning tea cups. Naturally I decided to place both in the garden. I finished my design by placing some beautiful flowers and trees and that’s it. It may be simple, but I think it fits very well with the theme. It is a modern-day fairy tale.

What do you think of this design? Have you entered this challenge as well? If so than please let me know what you created in the comments. I’m really curious. Also if you want to visit my fairy tale house and maybe vote for it than please use the following code: 0092-5765-195. Maybe I’ll enter the challenge for next month as well. For now I’ll just continue designing houses.



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