Catch a Falling Star: Jirachi Mythical Pokemon Collection Unboxing

Pokemon is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, which means that there are a lot of new Pokemon goodies. One of these goodies is the monthly Mythical Pokemon Collection Box. Each Jirachimonth there will be a new box with a new mythical Pokemon. The first Box contained Mew, the second box contained Celebi and now finally we have Jirachi; the cute little Pokemon that looks like a falling star. Join me in my quest to collect all the different Pokemon cards. Hopefully I won’t open any duplicates. Wish me luck :).

20160416_095645_mh1461743000202This brightly coloured box contains a Jirachi pin <3, a Jirachi card, two Generation boosters and a code for a booster online. The beautiful sky-blue colour matches so well with Jirachi. I love the design of these boxes. I’m sorry I’m getting a little bit distracted. Let’s open this box and see what’s inside. 20160416_095951_mh1461742913683After placing the Jirachi pin on my backpack (where I’ve placed all the other pins as well), it is time to open some boosters. Let’s see which cards Jirachi has brought us today. Although there are some duplicates there are some new cards as well. I like the flower crown. It’s silly, I know and I really like the Golem EX card too. It looks so cool. Swirlix looks adorable as well. Overall not a bad set of cards. What do you think?20160416_100305_mh1461742856381All in all I’m pretty happy with the latest additions to my Pokémon card collection. What do you think of the Mythical Pokemon Collection boxes? I personally love the art of the Pokemon cards in this collection. It makes me want to draw more Pokemon. Maybe it is time to start using my watercolors again. I’ll talk to you soon.



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