Better Late than never: Mew Mythical Pokemon Collection Unboxing

Pokemon is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, which means that they will be releasing a lot of extra Pokemon items. One of these items is the Mythical Pokemon Collection Box. Every month a new 151_Mew_Dream_2box is released with a new mythical Pokemon. The first box was a Mew themed box, the second one a Celebi themed box and the third one a Jirachi themed box. You can also download a mythical Pokemon for the Nintendo 3DS by opening the mystery gift in Pokemon ORAS or Pokemon X and Y.  Although we (my boyfriend and I collect these boxes together) were able to get the 2nd and 3rd box. We missed the first one. Luckily, we visited Elfia a while ago and came across a stand that still had a few Mew boxes left. So naturally, we bought one of the boxes. So although this unboxing may be a bit late, I decided that I wanted to share this with you anyways. So let’s see what’s inside the Mew Mythical Collection Box.20160424_174712_mh1461742674430Firstly let’s take a moment to appreciate the beautiful packaging and colorscheme for the Mew box. I really love the pink/purple colour <3. Now that I’m done staring let’s open it up. Inside this box you find a Mew pin, two generations boosters, a code for a booster online and ofcourse the Mew card that is displayed in the middle. Let’s hope that the boosters contains some good cards and not any duplicates. I really want to collect this entire set. 20160424_174911_mh1461742624404

Luckily, these two boosters had a lot of cards that were still missing from the Pokemon collection. However, considering that Bulbasaur is my favourite original starter (probably not a popular opinion) I have to admit that I’m most happy with the Venusaur EX card. It looks so beautiful. This picture does not do this card any justice. I’m also extremely happy with Vaporeon. I love the different Eevee evolutions. I do wish we would have gotten Sylveon too though. Maybe next time. Every month there will be a new box. So I’ll try again next month. All in all these were good boosters.20160424_175213_mh1461742563921What do you think of the Mythical Pokemon collection boxes? Have you bought any of them? If so please let me know what you openend in the comments. Now I want to play some Pokemon ORAS. I’ll talk to you soon.



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