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First Impression of Pokemon Sun and Moon

Although I’m probably late to the party I quickly wanted to talk about Pokemon Sun and Moon. Like most people I saw the first trailer, which introduces the new starter Pokemon and eventhough I’m really looking forward to this game, there where a few thing that I was slightly dissapoitned by. So in this post I will quickly discuss my first impression of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Let’s start with the main focus of the trailer, which is the new starter Pokemon. Firstly you have my personal favorite, Rowlet. Rowlet is a flying, grass-type Pokemon that looks like a small owl with a green bowtie. Honestly, I was going to pick this starter anyway, because owls are one of my favourite animals, but I do want to point out that I’m overall not very impressed with designs of the other starters. The second starter Litten is a fire-type Pokemon that looks like a small kitten. I’m not a fan yet, because the design does not interest me, but maybe Litten’s evolutions will look amazing; who knows. Lastly, there is Popplio, a water-type Pokemon that looks like a blue seal. My opinion about Popplio is the same as my opinion about Litten. I’m not a fan of the design, but maybe this will change in the future.pokemonsunmoonthumb-1462888061618_largeThe trailer also shows you the world of Pokemon Sun and Moon, which looks like a beautiful, green, summer landscape. Unfortunately the trailer does not show that much variety in landscape. I would love to see more of this world. Ofcourse these are only the first images of Pokemon Sun and Moon and I’m sure we will get to see more before its release. Like for example the different gym leaders. I cannot wait.pokemon-sun-moon-gen-7-regionOfcourse I quickly wanted to mention the male and female trainer of this game. The trailer shows several scenes with the male trainer, but unfortunately only a few with the female trainer. There will be some customisation options in this game as well, which I really like. I love to create my own trainer. Somehow the journey through the pokemon world feels more personal that way.customizationyay
Lastly I have to mention the short clip that we got to see of the legendary Pokemon. They both look amazing. For a better view I suggest that you take a look at the box art for Pokemon Sun and Moon. The legendary Pokemon have this magical aura and because of that the box art looks amazing.Pokemon-Sun-and-Moon-box-artAll in all I cannot wait to hear more about this game. I would love to see more areas, the gymleaders and ofcourse I would love to know which Pokemon you will be able to catch in which game. How many new pokemon will be added? Will you able to catch the first generation Pokemon? There are still so many questions left unanswered, but for now I feel very optimistic about this game. What do you think? Let me know in the comments.



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