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Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer July Challenge

In Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer you mainly design houses for your favourite Animal Crossing characters. However, if this does not provide you with enough to do, the monthly challenge might be something for you. At the beginning of a new month, a new challenge is posted on the Happy Home Network. You have to design a house with a specific theme in mind in one go. Afterwards people online will be able to vote for your entry. This month the theme was ‘The Journey Home”. I decided to give a little spin on this theme and create ‘The Space Journey Home”. Let’s take a look at what I created.

WVW69jWmKcUcUge2NX WVW69jWmLPkf_wPVnZ

WVW69jWmM34h6PcH_G WVW69jWmMFYMvxMa3cWhat do you think of this house? I do have to admit that I’m really happy with it. I especially love the UFO. If you want to visit this house (and maybe vote for it), than enter the code: 0999-5794-441 in the Happy Home Network. You can check out other other entries in the Happy Home Network as well.



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