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Kingdom Hearts Unchained X: the Dwarf Woodlands

I travel by train almost every day and as a result of that I tend to spend a lot of time browsing apps on my phone. From games, to planning tools, to learning languages and drawing apps. I Starlight01probably spend too much time in the Google Play store. However, one of the games that I’ve been waiting for for weeks is Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. I wanted to play this game so badly and so far this game definitely hasn’t dissapointed me. Then again, can a Kingdom Hearts game really dissapoint me? I love exploring Disney worlds. Anyway I digress. So far I’ve played about 20 levels and I’m really addicted to this game. I explored the world of Snow White and a little bit of Wonderland. For now I’ll focus on the beginning of the game and Snow White’s world. Let’s get started.


At the beginning of the game you design your character and choose a union. Above you see the five different unions. Unfortunately you don’t get that much information about the different unions. So my thought process was quite simple. There is a union with a unicorn as their symbol. It’s called Unicornis. Naturally I had to pick that one. It felt the most magical. After choosing your union it is time to start the game. Screenshot_20160623-195351

The little guy that you see above is your guide throughout this game. He explains to you how to level up your keyblade, how to switch between keyblades and how to  upgrade your medals. Medals can be equipped to your keyblade, allowing for more powerful effects. These medals have different Disney characters on them. They are so cute.


Before you travel to the first world you get to meet the leader of your union. In my case that was the leader of Unicornis. I wish I could have the same robe. It looks amazing. Anyway he gives you a bit of extra explanation regarding the game and then it is time to start exploring. Let’s go.



Ofcourse you start in Snow White’s world which is called Dwarf Woodlands. You try to help the dwarfs by defeating the heartless that roam the land. You quickly get to see the Evil Queen, Snow White and her prince, before you start your fight. You mainly help Doc in your first quests.


Finally it is time to start exploring. During your quests in the Dwarfs Woodlands you get some tutorials on the different attacks that you have and you take out any heartless that you come across. Ofcourse it is important to get some materials as well. Otherwise you cannot level your keyblade and your medals.


Screenshot_20160625-215030All the quests take place in the forest and in the mine and the forest definitely looks as creepy as in the movie. After helping Doc, you get to leave the Dwarfs Woodlands. It is time to explore another world in the Disney Universe. Next stop, Wonderland.

Have you already played Kingdom Hearts Unchaned X? If so, what did you think of it? I know that I’ll definitely be playing this game for quite a while.





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