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Steam Summer Sale 

As many of you probably know, Steam recently had their Summer Sale; a short period in which you can buy a lot of great games for a very cheap price. As I’ve had a few games on my wishlist for monhts I decided that this was the perfect excuse for me to buy them. If you would like to know what I bought or if you need some recommendations for games to play in the summer than please continue reading. Here are the latest games that I bought.

Stardew Valley
In Stardew Valley you decide to move to the countryside because you’ve inherited your grandfather’s old farm. Can you turn this farm into an amazing new home?

Slime Rancher
Beaitrix LeBeau lives on a planet far from here, where you can make a living by wrangling different kinds of slimes. These slimes are the most adorable creatures ever and they can  help you to built a small farm or ranch on this unique planet.

Minecraft Story Mode
Honestly I don’t know that much about Minecraft storymode. What I do know is that it looks amazing and that you will be exploring the entire world of Minecraft. I cannot wait to play this game.

Thesea are the three games that I bought in the Steam sale. All of them have this uplifting and all-around feel-good vibe to them, which makes them perfect to play during the summer months. What do you think about these games? Have you played any of these? Have you bought any other games in the Steam Sale? Please let me know in the comments. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to wrangle some cute little slimes.



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