Shaymin Mythical Pokemon Collection Unboxing

A new month can mean only one thing, a new Mythical Pokemon Collection box. This month its the adorable, grass-pokemon Shaymin’s turn. As has become the norm, I wil show you what’s inside the box and, more importantly, I will show you what’s inside the boosters. So let’s go. Oh, by the way, don’t forget to download the mythical Pokemon for your Nintendo 3DS. You can download it via the mystery gift for Pokemon X and Y and Pokemon ORAS.



Before I open the boosters I quickly want to take a look at the Shaymin card and the Shaymin pin. They both look so adorable. Especially the Shaymin card. It looks absolutely amazing with the beautiful warm colours and the cuddly Shaymin on the foreground. Anyway enough with the cuteness, let’s get to the boosters.


Here are the most interesting cards from this box. My favourites are definitely Floette, Shaymin, Butterfree and Ponyta. I love the fact that Floette is pink and sparkly and honestly Butterfree will always remain one of my favourite pokemon. Which card is your favourite?


Once again I’m really happy with the cards I got from my Mythical Pokemon Collection box. Have you bought any of these boxes? If so, please let me know which cards you got and I’ll talk to you soon.



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