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Blathers Home in Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer

Today I decided to create a house for one of the cutest characters in Animal Crossing; Blathers. I placed the Amiibo on my new Nintendo 3DS and I was good to go. I wanted to make a cozy and warm home for Blathers. A place where Blathers could go and read a book in front of the fireplace, after a long day of working at the museum. As a nice little bonus Celeste (the cute, little, red owl) came to visit as well. So if you’re curious about Blathers’ little get-away, do continue reading.

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Thankfully Blathers had no specific wishes for his house, which meant that I could design whatever I wanted. Somehow I always imagined that Blathers would live in this small, little library. Do you think that Blathers could live here?

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It was raining outside, but Blathers and Celeste decided to go outside anyway. They decided to sit on the cute swing and enjoy the nice and quiet surroundings. Ofcourse they brought umbrella’s.


If you had to design a house for Blathers what would you create? I would love to hear your ideas. For now I’m going to design some more houses in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. Who knows. I might design a house for Celeste next.



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