Event Report: Amsterdam Film and Comic Con (Sunday)

Last weekend was the first edition of Amsterdam Film and Comic Con. Because I just got back from vacation I decided to just get a ticket for the sunday to quickly take a look at this new convention. I got up on sunday morning and took the train to Amsterdam. Unfortunately I arrived a bit late, which I was a bit dissapointed about at first. After all the Convention was only from 11:00 to 17:00. However I quickly came to the conlusion that that would be plenty of time. Are you curious about my adventures at Amsterdam Film and Comic Con then do continue you arrive at Amterdam Rai there are two different areas. One area is the ‘food market area’, the other area is everything else. Unfortunately the was no map of the place, nor was there a small booklet with the program. It was very difficult to find out where everything was.20160828_123817

20160828_123902Something that I always like to see at a convention is the Cosplay Competition. I love the creativity that people put into their costumes. Unfortunately my boyfriend and I walked past the Cosplay section three times without even noticing it. When it was finally time for the cosplay competitions this tiny place was packed. There were only a couple of chairs and everyone was standing around the area. Although I’m pretty tall I could not see anything. As if that wasn’t awkward enough the Cosplay zone was located in the shopping area, meaning that the audience were blocking the people who wished to take a look at the different stands. All in all I was pretty sad about this.

20160828_130433There was a gaming section with video games as well. Although it was pretty small I really liked that people at least had the option of playing video games. Next to this section there was a small food truck and a tent sponsodered by Netflix. Netflix was everywhere on this event. There was a very big Netflix booth in the middle of the convention, although it still remains unclear to me what the function of the booth was. Ofcourse there were some famous people as well. You could either take a picture with them or get their autographs.20160828_131414Unfortunately I’m a really shy person which is why meet & greets aren’t for me. They just make me feel awkward. All in all, despite the meet & greets there was very little to do other then shopping. So, I went shopping.20160828_125132I collect Funko Pops and they had so many at this event that I had to make some difficult decisions. If you are ever at one of these events and you are looking for a different Funko Pop always take the time to take a look at different stands. The prices can differ significantly. Moreover some stands give you a deal if you buy a set. I took a look at all the Funko Pop stands and I quickly found out which had the most variety in Funko Pops at the best prices. Honestly I bought too many Funko Pops. I blame the Powerpuff Girls Funko Pop set for this. I’ve never seen these before and apparently they were an exclusive. I really love the Powerpuff girls, so I ended up buying the complete set. No regrets.20160829_102723All in all I had fun at Amsterdam Comic Con. However, due to the lack of organisation and activities I will probably not go next year. I wish there would have been more games and a better Cosplay area. This would have greatly inproved my experience. Right now this conventions just felt like a shopping spree. Another reason why I won’t go next year is because it is in the same weekend as Castlefest and I’ve been going to Castlefest for years. I found it really odd that the organisation would plan Amsterdam Film and Comic Con in the same weekend at Castlefest. They kind of rely on the same audience. What makes it even more odd is that last weekend was not only Amsterdam Film and Comic Con, but Abunai (an established anime convention) as well. I think they may need a different planner at Amsterdam Film and Comic Con.

Well this was my first impresion of Amsterdam Film and Comic Con. Did you go to this convention? If so what did you think about it? Please let me know in the comments and I’ll talk to you soon.



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