Movie Review: Suicide Squad 

Although Suicide Squad had really bad reviews on websites such as Rotten Tomatoes I decided that I wanted to see the movie in the movietheater anyway. So on a warm night I went to the Pathe in The Hague and watched the latest addition to the DC Universe. I was expecting a bad movie, considering the reviews, so I was pleasently supprised when the movie turned out not to be that bad. Mind you, this movie definitely had its flaws. Yet, is was a nice movie to watch and it inspired me to try to write a review about it. So here goes. This is my short review of the movie Suicide Squad. Let’s get started.

Like I mentioned before, this movie isn’t all bad. There were definitely some great moments that I want to talk about.

Harley Quinn
I could go on and on about Harley Quinn. She was perfect in this movie. Without her this movie would have been a flop. You get brief glimpses of her relationship with the Joker and how this turned her into Harley Quinn. This  helped the viewer in understanding why she is the derranged character that she is. This back story in combination with an actor who knew how to play this character resulted in this adorable, bad-ass, yet crazy version of Harley Quinn that is very interesting to watch. You never know what she is going to do next.

Deadshot was portrayed in a very relatable and likeable way. He seemed to be the leader of this band of misfits: the Suicide Squad. What made his character so likeable is the love for his daughter. In this way, he was portrayed very nicely. Howevere despite the fact that this character is listed under pros I do want to sneak in a small con here. Deadshot is supposed to be a murderer. He shoots people for money and although the movie does show that Deadshot can kill anyone with a gun, the killer side of Deadshot is nowhere to be seen. It is very difficult to believe that this guy is indeed a villain. By the end of the movie I even felt sorry for him.

Amanda Waller
The actress that portayed Amanda Waller did an amazing job. Amanda came across as a bad-ass woman that you do not mess with. This was made very clear in the scene where she just shoots some of her colleagues, because they knew too much. She is a character that gets stuff done. She saw a problem and tried to find a solution to it with the aid of the Suicide Squad. Although she actually is bad person (even a villain maybe) I do hope that we get to see her again in the next movie. She is such an interesting character. I would love to find out how she turned out to be this cold-hearted person.

The Bar Scene
The bar scene is one of the few moments in the movie where we actually get to know the members of the Suicide Squad. Here they talk about their troubles, back stories (Like Diablo’s very sad origin story) and how they evolved into villains. What makes this scene so strong is the fact that Harley Quinn just calls everyone out on their bullshit with a very simple statement; villains don’t get the perks of a normal life (such as love and a family). With their life style that is impossible. Although everyone looks very angrily at Harley Quinn she is stating a fact here. What makes this statement even more interesting is that it comes from a character who has been this happy-go-lucky, crazy woman who suddenly turns very serious. These characters will never have a good life.

Harley Quinn and Joker Scenes
I found the scenes with Harley Quinn and The Joker to be really interesting. These two characters have this twisted relationship and you get to experience that through these short flashbacks. Although the flashbacks were enough to briefly tell their story, I would have loved to see an entire movie about the origins of the relationship between these two characters. That would have probably made a better story then the current one. Nevertheless these two characters together were very intriguing.

Despite all good things in this movie there were a lot of bad things as well and, unfortunately, the bad tended to overshadow the good. The storywriters seemed to lack focus and that clearly came across in the form of too many characters and a badly written plot. Let’s quickly take a look at the cons for this movie.
Too many characters
One of the main problems of this movie is that it introduced a lot of characters that weren’t relevant to the story. For example there was Slipknot, because he didn’t get a character intro like the rest it was quite obvious that he would die very early on in the movie. His character had no other function then to serve as an example for the rest. Then there was Captain Boomerang. He did have a character intro so naturally he was going to survive. However, his character was completely useless when it came to the team fights. Moreover he contributed very little to the overall plot. I’m not sure why he was there to begin with. Lastly there is Katana. Overall she was very active in the fighting scenes, yet she remained an annoying character throughout the movie. Her character was awkward due to odd acting and her back story felt extremely forced. Moreover she had very little influence on the plot. Maybe it would have been better if her character had been introduced in another movie where they would have had the time to properly introduce her.

Terrible villain
A superhero movie cannot be truly great without a great villain and this movie was lacking one. Although the plot seemed somewhat clear at the beginning (the enchantress wants her freedom and she needs her heart for this) the plot becomes extremely vague towards the end of the movie. In her final scenes you see the enchantress waving her arms near a beam of light as she tries to destroy the world. How she is destroying the world or why is never really completely explained and because there is no good back story or connection to the villain (or June) I didn’t really care what would happen. That is terrible considering that comic book characters usually have these amazing stories.

Shaky scene construction and plot
Then ofcourse there are the inconsistencies with the different scenes. We know that some scenes were shot later and it shows. For example when Captain Boomerang walks out of the bar, because he no longer has to be a part of the Suicide Squad, he reappears in the next  scene as if he never left. What happened here?
Then ofcourse technicalities such as how something works are skipped. We never really know how the Enchantress was destroying the world and considering that it is an important element to this story I find it unexceptable that it was left unexplained.
suicidesquad-poster-team-xeyesAll in all this movie had its ups and downs and although I enjoyed this movie, it was not a great movie. It had the potential of being great though. If only the writers and director would have noticed the problematic characters and scene constructions early on. Perhaps then we would have had a great movie. Unfortunately for now it is just average.


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