Pokemon Go Adventures 

Just like most people I’ve been exploring the outside world looking for my favourite Pokemon. I searched for them outside my appartment, near the beach and during my work breaks. I really love this game, plus it keeps me moving, which is a good thing. Today I decided to share with you the beginning of my Pokemon journey. So let’s be the very best like no one ever was.PicMonkey Collage

I have to admit that I didn’t take any screenshots during my first days of playing Pokemon Go. So therefore this journey will start at level 14. At the time Pidgeot and Starmie were the best Pokemon that I had so I ended up placing Pidgeot in a gym. Also I received my first, and so far my last, Ponyta. I really want a Rapidash.Pokemon Go 2

I ended up going to the beach nearby and I caught this really strong Omastar. I love how he dances on the screen <3. He is my favourite Pokemon so far. During a walk in Leiden I also found his little brother Omanyte who tried to punch me :(.Pokemon Go 3

There was a small Pokemon Go event at a local gamestore. When I got there a Pidgeot tried to break in. However, other then that there wasn’t much to do. So I ended up at a cafe nearby, which was conveniently placed near three Pokestops which had lures one. I ended up catching a lot of water Pokemon, because I live in the Netherlands after all. Although I have to admit, none of these Pokemon are better than my beautiful Omastar.Pokemon Go 4Here you see a small update with my latest Pokemon. However, by the time I post this my line up of strongest Pokemon has probably already changed. My first Eevee evolution was a Flareon, because it is my favourite one of the original three. I also really like Starmie and my Charmeleon. I just recently found out that my Charmeleon has amazing stats. So I probably end up trading it with my boyfriend, because Charmander is his favourite starter :). I also catched a new Charmander and my first Abra around this time. There is a Charmander spawn point near my appartment.Pokemon Go 5I spend the rest of my free time exploring the neighborhood for new Pokemon. I found a Goldeen (while I wasn’t near any water) and an Eevee. Now I’m one step closer to a Seaking, Jolteon and Vaporeon. I also came across a gym. After beating it I ended up placing a Magicarp in it. By this time I had two gyms and I just quickly wanted to get some coins. So I thought it would be funny to have a magicarp gym :P.

Anyway these are my Pokemon Go adventures so far. Are you playing Pokemon Go? If so what is your favourite Pokemon so far. Let me know in the comments and I’ll talk to you soon.



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