Book review: Harry Potter and The Cursed Child 

Like every other Harry Potter fan I was very excited when the announcement of the new book appeared on the internet. Harry Potter’s story was not over. We would get one final story; Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. It sounded amazing, yet reality set in weeks later when I finished reading the new book. This story was now the new ending to one of my favourite series. A serie that already had a great ending. Dissapointment set in and I did what most Harry Potter fans did. I went to the internet to share my opinions, frustrations and most of all my dissapointment. This is my short review of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. Oh by the way, here’s a quick spoiler alert.



Firstly let’s focus on the positive side of the spectrum; the pros. Unfortunately there aren’t many, but let’s discuss them.

Cover art
I quickly have to mention the cover art. As expected the cover of the book is very beautiful. I love the stunning colours. It immediately caught my eye when I walked into the book store.

Hermione’s Character
Hermione, the minister of magic, is exactly the same strong character as I remember her to be. She still takes charge in difficult situations and does whatever it takes to save everyone else. Hermione is by far the best written character in this story. She is also one of the few characters that does not become completely annoying after a while.

The Augury
After visiting this dark world where Harry had died and Voldemort had won, Scorpius came across the Augury. Someone who played a very important role in Voldemort’s rule. I really liked how the reader was kept in the dark about what or who the Augury was until Scorpius saw Delphi’s tattoo. I really loved that moment where you realised that Delphi played a very important role in this story, the reader just did not know it until the Augury reveal. That was a great moment.



Now that I’ve discussed the pros of this book it is time to take a look at all the negative aspects; the cons.

Characterisation Issues
Let’s start with the characterisation in this book. There are several problems here, but I’ll quickly mention a few. Most characters were one-dimensional in this story. An example of one of these characters is Ron Weasley, who does not experience any character development. However, what really annoyed me is that Harry was portrayed as this horrible father who did not accept that his child was different. I find this highly unlikely considering Harry’s childhood. Another form of bad characterisation was Albus Potter. Despite his situation I didn’t feel sorry for him. I just felt annoyed when he was in a scene, because despite all his problems in life, he came across as a whiny, annoying teenager. This became even more clear when you compare him to Scopius, who is stuck in a comparable situation, yet he remains an optimistic and likeable character. Lastly I have to adress the villain of the story; Delphi. It should have been obvious from the beginning that she would become the villain, yet somehow I missed that, but I liked that. It was a good surprise. However, the villain of the story is the daughter of Bellatrix and Voldemort? Really? I expected far more from a creative mind such as J.K Rowling. This was one of the moments where I was no longer just dissapointed about the book, but angry as well.

Plot Issues
Unfortunately the characterisation wasn’t the only problem with this book, there were some plot issues as well. Let’s start with the obvious problem with this story. This story revolves around time travel with a Time Turner. The Time Turner was first introduced in book 3 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Here Hermione would travel back in the same timeline in order to follow different classes. It is made very clear how extremely dangerous time traveling is and how much damage you can do. Yet Scorpius and Albus get their hands on a time turner and act as if it’s nothing. They even end up restoring the timeline to its original state, which is highly unlikely.

Another problem with this plot is its lack of originality. This is a time travel story so naturally a lot of scenes were taken from previous books. This would have been fine if the story had not been driven by another mechanic that we know all too well; a prophecy. Harry had one so apparently Delphi needed one as well. To be honest this just feels a bit lazy. The prophecy was already a central part of Harry’s story so why did we need a new one?



I may sound very critical about this book, but that is because I love the Harry Potter series and I really liked the way it ended. For me it was a finished story. I had said goodbye and moved on to new adventures. Despite all of this I was really happy when a new book was announced. I know how talented J.K. Rowling is and I expected an amazing story. Yet in the back of my mind a small voice kept saying ‘what if its bad’?  Unfortunately this small voice was right. This story is not the ending that I wanted for one of my favourite series. So to keep this brief I advice Harry Potter fans to think very carefully before they start reading this book.


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