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Diary: Voltorbs, Scheveningen and Sealife

Every now and then I have a free day to explore the world. During one of these days I decided to figure out if there was something interesting to do near my home. I ended up taking the train to a place near the beach called Scheveningen. There is a small aquarium that I really wanted to visit. I love going to aquariums. They look so magical. Anyway, during these adventures I also explored the beach and encountered my fair share of Pokemon. Did I make you curious? Than please keep reading.
Scheveningen 1 When I arrived at the beach I immediately regretted forgetting my slippers. I would have loved to run through the water with my barefeet. Unfortunately I was stuck with my Princess Peach shoes. After a short look at the ocean it was time to look at all the different fish in Sealife.Scheveningen 2Sealife is a small, but amazing aquarium. There were a lot of beautiful and colourful fish and I got to see Dory’s family :). By the way, if you haven’t seen Finding Dory yet then go see it. It’s an amazing movie.Scheveningen 3I really love the colours in the aquarium. There are these different blues and purples. You could also walk under the watertanks. As I looked up a huge turtle was swimming above me. Ofcourse I had to stop and take a look at the jellyfish as well. They are such interesting creatures.
Scheveningen 4Towards the end of the aquarium there were tiny seahorses as well. They are so cute <3. Naturally there were some amazing penguins outside as well. They seemed to be enjoying the sun. Just as I was about to leave Scheveningen a man showed up with a bunch of parrots. I donated some money for the birds and I ended up with one of the parrots on my shoulder. The parrot was so cute and sweet. It just wanted to cuddle.Scheveningen 5By the way Scheveningen is also a good area to catch Pokemon. There were three Pokestops near Sealife. I ended up getting a lot of new Pokemon. My favourite is definitely Magneton <3. It was a very nice surprise. All in all it was a great day.



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