Disney Toy Hunt 

After watching a YouTube video about a toy hunt I felt inspired to visit the local toy store to see what I could find. I ended up with this small Disney toy hunt. If you’re curious to see what I found then do continue reading. tsum tsum 3Although the toy store only had a few Tsum Tsums I found two that I still wanted to add to my collection; Micky and Minnie. The look adorable together. Let’s take a look at Minnie first. tsum tsum 1Minnie is wearing her iconic red bow and red dress. She looks so cute. However, the quality of this Tsum Tsum appears to be less good when I compare it to the ones that I got at the UK Disney store. Her face does not appear to be completely round and her face colour is not the same as Micky’s face colour. I’m a bit dissapointed so far. tsum tsum 2Just like Minnie, Micky’s face does not appear to be completely round. However he still looks adorable. I do quickly want to mention that Micky and Minnie appear to be smaller then my other mini Tsum Tsum. A bit odd.

I’m really glad that I got to add these two iconic characters to my collection. I’m just a bit surprised that they appear to be different from my other Tsum Tsum. I guess I have to pay more attention the next time I buy Tsum Tsums.  maleficent legoThe next items that I found where these Disney Lego blindbags. I ended up getting just one blindbag. While I opened up the blingbag I was hoping that I would get Cheshire Cat. Unfortunately I ended up getting Maleficent. However that turned out to be a good thing, because Lego Maleficent looks amazing with her staff and her cape. Maleficent turned out to be a good quality figurine that was really easy to assemble. She is currently staring at me on my desk. tsum tsum keychain 1Lastly I bought two Tsum Tsum blind bags, because I really love Tsum Tsums. These blindbags contain keychains of different Disney characters. After looking at the available characters I was hoping I would get Elsa and Cheshire Cat. However with blindbags you never know what you’ll get. That’s the entire idea behind it. Thankfully I was very lucky that day. The first one that I opened contained Cheshire Cat. This keychain is cute and very sturdy. I imagine it will not damage easily while it is attached to your keys (However, I have not tested this yet). I really like this one and if more characters are added to the collection I might get more blindbags, tsum tsum keychain 2I did not only get my favourite Tsum Tsum keychain, I got my second favourite as well, which is Elsa. She looks very adorable with her little tiara. Just as Cheshire Cat she appears to be very sturdy and probably won’t damage while being attached to your keys. All in all I was very lucky with my two Tsum Tsum blindbags.

These are all the items that I got at the local Toy Shop. My favourite is definitely the Cheshire Cat keychain. Which one is your favourite? Please let me know in the comments and I’ll talk to you soon.





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