Venusaur EX – Red and Blue Collection

Finally it’s here; the Venusaur EX Red and Blue Collection box <3. Bulbasaur is my favourite original starter so I was really looking forward to getting this box. If you are unfamiliar with these boxes than here is a quick summary. The Pokemon Company is releasing a lot of special boxes with Pokemon cards due to it’s 20th anniversary. So far you have the Mythical Pokemon Collection boxes (which I’ve unboxed as well) and the EX Red and Blue Collection. So far three EX Red and Blue collection boxes have been released, Charizard EX, Blastoise EX and now Venusaur EX. Pikachu EX will be released later this year.20160712_185224Each box contains four boosters. These boosters have both Generations cards as well as cards from the Radiant collection. The main difference is that the Radiant collection has these small jewels as a symbol and overall the art is more adorable. Besides four boosters you also get two special art cards with Venusaur on it. One is a Jumbo size cards and the other one is regular size. They look amazing. I love all the bright colours. 20160712_185410Now it is finally time to open up some boosters and take a look inside. I do still need a lot of cards for the Radiant collection so hopefully I open a lot of new ones. Keep your fingers crossed.20160712_185926

Top row: 1. Yveltal. 2. Persian 3. Jynx. 4. Sylveon EX

Bottom row: 5. Swirlix. 6. Hitmonlee 7. Venusaur EX

My favourite from the first set of cards are definitely Sylveon EX, Swirlix and Venusaur. Sylveon is one of my favourite Pokemon and I really like that Eevee is on the card as well. They look adorable together. Ofcourse I have to mention Swirlix as well. He just looks so cute on this card. Ofcourse I have to mention Venusaur as well. The art is very bright and colourful and Venusaur looks as if he is about to kick ass. 20160712_190019

Top row: 1. Hollow Evosoda. 2. Jirachi. 3. Golem EX.

Bottom row: 4. Jynx. 5. Hollow Maintenance. 6. Hollow Fire Energy.

Above you see the final cards that I opened from this box.  My favourites here are definitely Jirachi and Golem EX. Jirachi is one of my favourite Pokemon. I love that he looks like a falling star. Also the art on the Golem EX card looks amazing. I really like the dynamic pose, it’s really cool. It almost looks as if he is jumping out of card.

All in all this box had some decent cards, but unfortunately not a lot of new ones. I think it is going to be very difficult to finish my collection, but I’m going to try anyway. What do you think about this box? Which card was your favourite? Please let me know in the comments and I’ll talk to you soon.



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