A Magical Disney Haul

Disney infinity will be discontinued. Altthough this news makes me extremely sad there are some upsides as well. Namely that all Disney Infinity items are currently on sale and you better buy them now, beause once they’re gone; they’re gone. So I’ve been looking around in the toy shops near my house to find the best deal on Disney Infinity items. As if this wasn’t enough Disney also released some new princess mugs and bottles and I came across some Disney Funko Pops that have been on my wishlist for quite a while. In short, I bought a lot of new Disney items in the last weeks and I thought it would be fun to share these with you. So let’s go.

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The UK Disney Store

Mug 1Let’s start with the latest additions to the line of  Disney Princess Mugs. Every once in a while Disney releases new Princess mugs. Usually there is a different mug for each of the main Disney princesses. As my favourite princess is Belle I obviously had to get the new Belle mug. These mugs are always very high quality and tend to be rather big, which means they are very good for drinking Tea <3. I really like the light colours and all the different characters on the mug like Chip and Miss Pots. It looks so nice.Mug 2I ended up buying two mugs from the new collection, because the Ariel mug looks awazing as well. Not only are purple and green my favourite colours, but I really like the art as well. Ariel looks so beautiful. Just like the previous mugs it is very sturdy and the right size for  tea. The colours are also very soft and Flounder and Sebastian are on the mug as well. By the way if you’re interested in buying items fron the Disney store, but you live in the Netherlands, I suggest that you try the United Kingdom’s Disney store. They have a lot of items and wrap them very carefully before shipping. So far none of my mugs have ever been damaged. Tsum Tsum bottleThe last item that I bought from the Disney store is this Tsum Tsum bottle. I mainly use it to drink water. You cannot put any warm drinks in it though and you have to wash it by hand, but I love it anyway. The art is very cute. It is part of an entire line which has this icecream, Tsum Tsum theme. It’s adorable.


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Disney Funko Pop

During a visit to the Hague my boyfriend and I stopped by a gamestore where they have a lot of Funko Pops. I ended up finding a lot of the Funko Pops from my wishlist. I managed to narrow it down to two. I got Gus Gus in Slipper from the latest Cinderella movie. I really love this Cinderella movie. It really captures that magical, Disney feeling. Hopefully I can find the Cinderella Funk Pop was well. The second Funko Pop that I bought is Belle ofcourse. Despite the fact that she is my favourite princess I do not have a Funko Pop of her. I do have many others though. Anyway, I digress. Let’s take a close look at these Funko Pops.funkopop 2Gus Gus in Slipper is ofcourse a character from the liveaction version of Cinderella. He is portrayed in Cinderella’s glass slipper. Honestly I don’t think I would have bought this Funko Pop if the slipper wasn’t included. The slipper makes it a very adorable and an unique Funko Pop. It is probably one of my favourites, because of it. It almost seems as if Cinderella’s slipper was taken out of the movie. Ofcourse Gus Gus looks very adorable as wel. The combination just works really well.funkopop 1Honestly I’m suprised that it took me this long to buy the Peasant Belle Funko Pop. She is my favourite princess after all. As usual the Funko Pop looks really nice. Great quality. This Pop is also very sturdy and can stand on its own (unfortunately not all Funko Pops can do that). I really like this one <3.


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Disney Infinity 

Lastly I stopped by several toy shops in order to find the best deals on Disney Infinity figurines. I ended up buying two figurines and some Toy Box Game Discs that I was still missing from Disney Infinity 2.0. disney infinity 1I haven’t tested the gamediscs yet, so I can’t tell you much more. All I know is that these discs unlock things in the toybox. I should definitely try them out soon.

disney infinity 3I also got 2 figurines from the 3.0 series. Ofcourse I had to get Baloo from The Junglebook. After watching the liveaction version of this story (which is a great movie) I was reminded of how much I like this story. Baloo is such a cute and loveble character. The quality of the Disney Infinity figurines is always good. What I really love is that Baloo has a very dynamic pose. As if he’s currently singing about ‘the bare necessities’. It’s great.disney infinity 2The last figurine I got  was Minnie. Micky was the first Disney Infinity 3.0 figurine that I got and it felt only right to get Minnie as well. That way they can sity together on my closet as a cute couple. I really like Minnie’s stance. She looks as if she’s making a very witty comment. The colours are very vibrant as well.

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All in all I’m very happy with all my new Disney purchases. I would not know which one to choose as my favourite. What do you think? Which item is your favourite? Please let me know in the comments and I’ll talk to you soon.




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