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Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer October Monthly Challenge

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is a fun and cute game in which you design houses for your favourite Animal Crossing characters. However if you need a bigger challenge then perhaps the monthly design challenge is someting for you. At the beginning of every month there is a new design challenge with an unique theme. It is then up to you to create the best design and place it on the Happy Home Network. Hopefully the visitors of the Happy Home Network will give your house the best rating.

Below you find my entry for this month’s challenge; A robot control room (Happy Home Network Code: 0896-5799-922). Let’s go.

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Firstly, let’s take a moment to appreciate king Nook with his crown and red cape. He’s adorable. As for the Robot Control Room, I decided to go all out with the robot theme and I made this cute, robot inspired, little hideout. The stand with all the computer screens is a new item for this challenge.

wvw69jrmdtyrx_uj77   wvw69jrmeucpa1b3j9

I decided to use as little colour as possible and make it very minimalistic. In my mind that would fit better with the robot theme. I added a few space themed items as well, because it kind of worked with the control room idea (and I love a space theme). What do you think of the inside of the house? Would you live there?

wvw69jrmt9ya25ail8   wvw69jrms2muofdcxc

Here are a few more images of the inside of the house. I really like how it turned out. It looks very technical and digital. Thankfully I had the robot set to use for this house. All the robot items look very cute in this design.  What do you think? Doesn’t the robot closet look adorable?

wvw69jrmbku9ia6ktq    wvw69jrmfoatknzlms

Lastly ofcourse there is the garden. I had some difficulties with designing the garden, because you cannot change the ground. The green grass does not really fit with the theme. I decided to add as many tech items as I could to the garden. I added the red robot, which was a new item that was added for this challenge, an aeroplane, a UFO and many more geeky items. However I’m still not completely satisfied about the garden. Maybe I’ll have more inspiration next time.

Have you designed a house for this monthly challenge? If so feel free to leave the code in the comments. I would love to visit it. Also, what do you think about this house? Did I succeed with the Robot Control Room? As always, leave your thoughts in the comments and I’ll talk to you soon.



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