Victini Mythical Pokemon Collection Unboxing 

Although it has been a while since the release of the Victini Mythical Pokemon Collection Box, I thought I would share a quick unboxing post with you anyway. As always I’ll take a quick look a the content of the box, before I open the boosters. If you’re curious about the cards that I got then do continue reading. 20160903_192539As usual the box looks amazing with its vibrant colours. As I mentioned above this box revolves around the cute, mythical Pokemon Victini. In the box there is a Victini pin, A lovely Victini card and two Generations boosters. These boosters also contain cards from the Radiant collection. You can recognise these cards by the small image of jewels placed next to the image of the Pokemon.20160903_192653I love the Victini card. If only they would make posters with this art. that would be amazing. Anyway enough talking, it is time to open my Pikachu and Venusaur  boosters. Let’s hope that I get some great new cards. Oh,wait! Before you continue reading I did quickly wanted to appologise. Unfortunately it was only afterwards that I noticed that my pictures were slightly blurred. I do hope you can still see the cards :(. 20160903_193057

Top row: 1. SlowPoke 2. Magmar 3. Pokemon Center Lady.

Bottowm row: 4. Sylveon EX. 5. Snorlax 6. Espurr

My favourite card from this collection, by far, is the Sylveon EX card. Sylveon is one of my favourite Pokemon. I also really love the pink and girly theme of this card. Ofcourse the small Eevee in this card is a nice, little bonus. I also like the Pokemon Center Lady card, because Nurse Joy is amazing. Lastly, I also like the design of Espurr. It is very cute and girly and it contains my favourite colour, purple :D.20160903_193200

Top row: 1. Magikarp 2. Olympia 3. Yveltal

Bottom row: 4. Victini 5. Gyarados.

One of my favourite cards of this collection is obviously Victini. I love the soft, water-colour background. It seems to be very minimalistic, which is why Victini is even more noticeable. I also love Magikarp and Gyarados. It is such an amazing evolution. Magikarp transforms from this cute, but a bit helpless, Pokemon to this extremely strong water Pokemon. The art is really nice as well. I especially like Magikarp’s art style. What do you think? Which card is your favourite.

These are all the cards that I opened from the Victini Mythical Pokemon Collection. All in all I’m pretty happy with the cards that I opened. Have you bought any of these Mythical Pokemon boxes. If so, which cards did you open? Please let me know in the comments and I’ll talk to you soon.



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