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Gaming Diary: Animal Crossing New Leaf House Tour

If you’ve watched the latest Nintendo Direct then you perhaps already know that Animal Corssing New Leaf will be getting an update. Amiibo support will be added, which is great! This inspired me to start playing Animal Crossing New Leaf again. However, my town and home do need some cleaning. They’re a mess. So after some cleaning I thought it would be nice to share with you my little, galaxy home in Starlight..
wvw69jti4mwltin1piFor the exterior I used some of the mermaid-inspired items. They fit very nicely with the purple roof. I kind of wanted to go for a pastel, galaxy-inspired exterior. Unfortunately I do not have all the expansions for the house yet. So some of the rooms are either missing or very small, but I think it looks amazing nonetheless. Now let’s go inside and explore.
wvw69jti96ywxj6u21 wvw69jti9kgjo9dmk1The first stop is the living room. I really like this dark room with all the space inspired items. I’m still working on collecting a lot more space items which is why, for now, I’ve combined several different themes. I like the fact that it always seems to be evening in this room, It feels as if you’re inside, drinking a cup of tea, during a cold winter night. However, it is definitely still a work in progress.
wvw69jti7pm5cmhtfb wvw69jti6mqm_qh4w8Then I have two small rooms on the ground floor as well. The first room is my creepy, Halloween themed room. I decied to redecorate this room for the month october. I especially love the Pumpkin lanterns. The second room does not really have a theme yet. It’s a bit of everything. I really love the projection of the world. Maybe I’ll redecorate the room as soon as I can expand the room. Do you have any ideas for themes?
Upstairs is the bedroom. It has a winter wonderland theme. My favourite items is the aurora light near the bed. It looks so cool. I also like the small snowglobe in the corner. If only I could design such a room in real life <3.
wvw69jtjarcxeigt_d wvw69jtjge4wyn8vylWell this was the tour of my house in Starlight. I still have some remodelling and redesigning to do, but I love it so far. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to get some coffee at Brewster and enjoy a beautiful day in Animal Crossing New Leaf.




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