The Art of Belle Haul

Disney has released this new line of Beauty and the Beast merchandise called ‘The Art of Belle”. Belle is my favourite Disney Princess and Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney movie of all time. So I ended up buying a few items from this amazing merchandise line. As usual I bought these items at the UK Disney Store webshop. If you’re a Beauty and the Beast fan, or just curious,  then do continue reading.belle-banner-2Ofcourse I had to take a quick picrure of all these lovely items. Some of these items are very useful for autumn/winter. I”ve already used the mug, the fleece blanket and the sweater, because autumn has started and it is so cold. Anyway I digress. Let’s take a look at the items individually.

Art of Belle Bagart-of-belle-bagThe first item that I want to show you is the Art of Belle bag. I love all the different versions of Belle that are portrayed on this item. It is a big shoulder bag, which you could easily use for work, or maybe a light day at school. It is so pretty <3.

Belle Compact Mirrorcompact-mirror-1belle-compact-mirror-2The next item is an item that I originally saw in a vlog. It looked so beautiful, but I wasn’t expecting to find it in the UK webshop. Thankfully this beautiful compact mirror showed up in the Disney webshop a couple of days later. So far I haven’t used it, because I did not want to accidentally damage it. The rose colour is really nice, but most of all I like the stained glass inspired design. It looks amazing.

Art of Belle Rose Mugbelle-mugThe next item that I bougth is a mug. I collect Disney mugs and this seemed to be a nice addition to this collection. The colours are very beautiful and once again I love the stained glass design. The mug is very sturdy. So far I’ve used it many times for my morning chai tea and it just makes me smile when I look at it.

Belle Christmas Decorationchristmas-decoration-belleOfcourse I had to get some Christmas decorations as well. Christmas is my favourite holiday <3. Each year there are these Disney princess ornaments from the sketchbook collection and they always look amazing. I debated buying one of these ornaments last year and I ended up not getting one and regretting it. So this year I bought the Belle version. As soon as november has passed I will definitely set up the christmas tree and hang this ornament in it. Maybe I should make my Christmas tree Disney themed this year.

Art of Belle Sweater art-of-belle-sweaterSweater weather has officially started, which gave me a good reason to buy the Art of Belle sweater. I’ve already worn it and it feels amazing. It is a loose sweater, not too long or to short, and I love the print. I really like that despite the size of the print, it is not very loud. I will definitely be wearing this during the cold, autumn weekends.

Belle Fleece Throwbelle-fleece-throwLastly, I got this fleece blanket. I get cold easily and although I have many fleece blankets at home, somehow they’ve all ended up on the cages of my birds to keep them warm during the nights. So I had a good excuse to get a new one. This fleece blanket has a good size and is very warm. The colour is slightly different from the pictures above, but it is still a lovely shade of red. I’ve probably used this item the most so far. It is so warm <3.

These are all the  Belle/ Beauty and the Beast items that I bought at the Disney webshop. If I have to pick a favourite it is probably the fleece blanket, because I use it so much. However, I really love all these items. What do you think? Which one is your favourite item? Let me know in the comments and I’ll talk to you soon.



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