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Gaming Diary: Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer – Redesigning the School

I’ve been getting back into playing Animal Crossing games again and one thing that really bothered me about Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer was the ugly school I created. At the time I just didn’t have enough items to make the school pretty. So now that I’ve unlocked some new items it is time to give this school a make-over :D. Let’s go.wvw69jvgvz8c4sr5f4 The first thing I redesigned was the outside school. It now looks like a cute, magical girl school. So let’s go inside.

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The first room that you come across when you enter the school is ofcourse the hallway. I desided to go with a girly design in the colours, white, green and pink. I wanted it to look cozy and very cute.

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Next up is the classroom where all the students can work on their homework at their own desks. Although I do see someone sleeping.

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Lastly, I created a library where the students can study and read. Ofcourse there are a lot of books and laptops to help with studying. I think it looks very bright and inviting.
Here ends my latest adventures in Amimal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. What do you think about the school? let me known in the comments. Also if you want to visit the school then use the code….. and I’ll talk to you soon.






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