Disney Tsum Tsum Haul

I started a small Tsum Tsum collection a while back. They are just adorable <3. However ever since I bought my first few Tsum Tsums I haven’t really bought that many new ones. They are hard to find in the Netherlands and they sell out online pretty fast. Luckily, I was just online looking at the Disney store webshop when I noticed that some new Tsum Tsums had come in, which were the Disney villains, and they even had the new Spiderman collection as well. So with that said, I tried to restrain myself and I only ordered four small Tsum Tsums.banner-tsum-tsumThe first Tsum Tsum that I bought is one of my favourite villains, the Evil Queen. I started appreciating her character even more after watching Once Upon a Time. I really like her collar and the small crown that she is wearing.  She is so cute as a Tsum tsum. evil-queen-tsum-tsumThe next Tsum tsum is one of my favourite Super hero’s. It is Spider-Gwen. My first introduction to Gwen Stacy was in the latest Spiderman movies. Here I got curious about Gwen Stacy’s character and I ended up buying some of the Spider-Gwen comics. It is really cool to see that they made a Tsum Tsum of this character. spider-gwen-tsum-tsumThe next Tsum Tsum is another amazing villain. It is Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians. She looks really fluffy with her out-of-contral hair and coat. That reminds me, I  should really rewatch 101 Dalmatians. It is such a good movie to watch during the colder months.

cruella-tsum-tsumThe last Tsum Tsum that I got is Ursulla from The Little Mermaid. Ursulla is such a scary villain and it felt only appropriate to add her to my Disney villain collection. She even has a small trident with her. So cool <3. ursulla-tsum-tsum-2I’m so happy that my Tsum Tsum collection is slowly expanding. Do you collect any Tsum Tsums? If so what is your favourite Tsum Tsum? Mine is probably the medium Baymax Tsum Tsum, because it is just so hugable and adorable. Anyway, I’ll talk to you soon.




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