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Review: Nintendo NES Mini

I never got a chance to play on the  NES when I was younger. So when the Nintendo Classic Mini was announced I was really excited. There are so many NES games that I would love to play. Thankfully I pre-ordered the mini NES very early on so I was one of the lucky people who ended up getting one. Although I do have to admit that I’m a bit sad that I didn’t get the extra controller. Anyway, let’s take a look a what this little NES can do.



As usual I will start with all the things that I love.

The Nintendo NES mini is tiny compared to other consoles. This means that it will hardly take up any space on the shelf next to your other favourite consoles. It also makes it very easy to take it with you to a friends house. So that your friend can play some retro NES games. It just looks adorable. Although the NES is very small, the controller does have a decent size. So you do not need to worry about that.


30 different games
This little console has 30 games preinstalled. For example it contains Final Fantasy, Kirby, Mario and The Legend of Zelda. The selection is really good and diverse. So you not only get a retro console, but also some of its most popular games.


Retro games
If you’re like me and you never had the chance to play these retro games, then this console might offer you the opportunity to play them today. Retro games are very popular and are considered timeless. Now you get to find out why.

easy to use
If you have a TV and the adapter (which I will get back to later) then all you need to do is plug in the cable, plug in the controller and you’re good to go. You can problably start your first game in under five minutes. This makes it very user friendly and also easy to take with you.



Although there are a lot of good things about the NES mini, there are a few things that dissapointed as well.

Extremely limited edition
So this for me is a bit of an issue. There were advertisements everywhere about this new NES mini that would be released in the fall. Eventhough everything was already sold out before it even hit the shelves. I was one of these people who was lucky enough to pre-order extremely early. As a result I was 16th on the list ( the store received only 30 consoles). Yet it makes me sad that a lot of people now cannot buy the NES Mini. I do hope Nintendo makes more of them.

very short cable
Well this was a very awkward surprise, but the cable between the controller and the console itself is extremely short. Mesning that I cannot play on the NES mini and sit on the couch at the same time. I had to place my deskchair in front of the TV, which is a bit uncomfortable. Why is this cable so short?


need to buy the adapter separately
In case you did not know, the adapter is sold separately from the console and without the adapter you cannot plug in the console. Thankfully I figured this out in time so I ordered the adapter. However, I’m not sure why you would sell it separately in the first place.

Extra controller is even more difficult to get
Ofcourse you want to play the 2-player games with your friends, boyfriend or girlfriend and this is deffinitely possible. If you were lucky enough to get the extra controller that is. Apparently there were even less controllers then consoles. For now my boyfriend and I will have to take turns playing on the NES mini. However I do hope that Nintendo will release more controllers soon.


So far I’m very happy with the Nintendo NES mini. Eventhough I practically have to sit in the TV to play these games, I will thoroughly enjoy playing them anyway. As long as you are aware of the items that you have to buy separately and ofcourse its limitations, then I do think the NES mini is a good way to be introduced to all these beautiful retro games.


stars rating 4


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