Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is arround the corner, which means that it is time to do some Christmas shopping for your friends and family. In order to make this a bit easier this year I have decided to make a small list of gift ideas. There should be something in there for everyone.


Girly Gifts

Lush Products: Joy to the World / Sweet Christmas
Honestly, Lush products are always a good idea. They smell lovely and make your skin feel amazing. What makes shopping at Lush even easier is that they sell sets of products all nicely gift wrapped. My favourites would probably be Joy to the World and Sweet Christmas. w_sweet_christmas_gift_1(Products: 1. Snow Fairy Shower Gel, 2. Rock Star Soap, 3. Snow Fairy Body Conditioner).w_joy_to-_the_world

(Products: 1. Santa’s Postbox Soap, 2. Dream Cream bodylotion).

Rogue and the Wolf Jewelry
I only discovered this webshop recently, but I’m already in love. Rogue and the wolf sells some amazing, witchy jewelry. Most of the jewelry is in this beautiful, black colour and the pieces look very unique.

img_0859-edit_1_medium img_0010_2667ba6a-001a-4e4b-b913-85c1017929f3_medium cuff_sp_kp_2_medium

Yankee Candle
It is always nice to have a bright home that smells wonderful. This is probably why I like candles so much. If you want to give someone a nice candle I would suggest a Yankee candle. They come in three different sizes and they tend to smell amazing. There are even some special Christmas candles at the moment.

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Oh deer daily journal
For the last couple of months I have been using the Oh Deer Daily Journal to help me create daily to-do lists. That way I know for sure that I don’t forget anything. It is a very nice present for that person in your life who tends to plan everything.

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Geeky Gifts

The illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone
Recently some new, illustrated versions of Harry Potter and the Philosopher stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets have been released. This is the perfect gift for everyone who grew up reading the Harry Potter stories. Not only do these books contain incredible art, but it may also inspire you to re-read one of the best series I have read so far.


Funko Pops
Maybe I should tell you up front that I collect Funko Pops, so I always think that they make good presents. As long as your friend/family member likes some movie, book, game, etc you’re good to go. Below you find a few great options.

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Exploding Kittens
If you need a small present for someone who likes boardgames then you might want to get Exploding Kittens. It is a fun and quick card games where you have to diffuse kittens before they explode. It is a game that everyone can play.


3DS Games: Pokemon sun and moon / Animal Crossing / Kirby: Planet Robobot
If your friend or family member has a Nintendo 3DS it might be a fun idea to pick them up a nice game. My suggestions would be Pokemon Sun or Moon, Animal Crossing (either New Leaf or Happy Home Designer), or Kirby Planet Robobot. These are all cute, feel-good games.

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Bee and Puppycat
If you want to get someone a cute comic then get them Bee and Puppycat. This comic contains several short stories of Bee and Puppycat and their adventures during their temp jobs as well as on their days off. This has become one of my favourite comics.


I hope this post has given you some new ideas for Christmas presents. If you have any ideas as well then please leave them in the comments. That way we can help each other with Christmas Shopping.



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