Gilmore Girls: A year in the Life Review

I have to admit it has been a while since I saw this series. However, because this is a serie that I loved growing up I wanted to talk about the miniseries that was released :). Gilmore girls follows the lives of Lorelai Gilmore and Rory Gilmore, mother and daughter. This particular miniseries revolves around Lorelai and Rory’s lives after Rory’s graduation from Yale. We see a year in the lives of these Gilmore Girls. Big spoiler though, I will be discussing the ending in this blogpost. So if you haven’t seen the series yet, then watch the four episodes and then come back to read this review.



Felt just like the episodes of the original series

The original Gilmore Girls series was so amazing, because of its quirkiness and heart-warming stories. Stars Hallow, the Gilmore Girls and Chilton al had this amazing atmosphere and this series once again captures this quirky feeling that makes Gilmore Girls so great.


The dialogue

Lorelai and Rory tend to run on loads and loads of caffeine and as a result their dialogues are witty and fast-paced. These dialogues full of quirky references, which Gilmore Girls is known for, returns in this 4-episode miniseries. 


Seasonal episodes

I really liked the seasonal theme. It provided the writers a nice framework to work in, as it allowed them to cover a year’s worth of story. Although if it were up to me I would have preferred an entire new season :p.



Where were Jess, Dean and Sookie?

Some of the most important characters in the series hardly had any screen time. Where were Jess, Dean and Sookie. Everyone was probably curious to see how their stories ended, jet we only get little snippets. Meanwhile other less important characters got entire episodes of screen time. I take it that this was due to scheduling issues, but it was a bit dissapointing.


No resolution regarding Jess and Rory

In this new series it is suggested that Jess still loves Rory. He is even the one that helps Rory find her new goal, which is to write the story of the Gilmore Girls. Yet this possible love story never gets a conclusion, because the final episode ends before Rory and Jess can actually adress this issue. This was dissappoiting to me. It would have been great to see them find each other again after all these years.


The life and Death brigade/Logan

While some very important characters got little screen time, the Life and death brigade and Logan got a lot of screen time. I get that they are funny, but did they really have to take up so much time? They had more screen time then Jess, Dean and Sookie combined. What makes it even more frustrating is that Logan is a rather unlikeable character and he becomes even more unlikeable throughout these reunions episodes.


The ending 

Lastly I have to adress the ending. Ofcourse I expected the open ending and I get that the story is full circle with this ending. However it is a bit cliche and underwhelming as well. The story ends with Rory being pregnant and the father not being in the picture. This is ofcourse were the original story started. Lorelai was pregnant with Rory and left everyone (including the father) to take care of her daughter. Yet the difference with Rory is that we do not know who the father is. What makes this also very painful is that Lorelai always did her best to make sure that Rory got more out of life then she did. Yet Rory ended up in the exact same position. It wasn’t a bad ending, however I was a bit dissapointed.


All in all I loved the new episodes because I love the overall feeling of the Gilmore Girls series. Honestly if new seasons were created I would probably watch them all. Yet I was a little dissapointed with the content of this miniseries. The story wasn’t great and I missed some of my favourite characters. However, this did not stop me from watching all the episodes in a row. What did you think of the Gilmore Girls miniseries?

Rating:   stars rating 5


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