Beauty and the Beast Funk Pops Haul

This year and last year have been a great time for all collectors of Beauty and the Beast items. With the release of the new live action movie a lot of new merch has been released as well. From Funko Pops to a whole new line of merch specifically for the movie, to the Beauty and the beast Tsum Tsums. There is just so much. Considering that I love the Beauty and the Beast animation movie, I try to collect as much merchandise as I can. I’m assuming that after the new movie is released, I will have to wait for quite a long time for new Beauty and the Beats merch. Anyway, this is a very long way of saying that I bought some new Beauty and the Beast Funko Pops 😛 and I must say, these are my favourite Funko Pops so far.

Belle in her winter outfit
This first Funko pop is Belle from the winter scene from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. I’ve always loved her pink and red outfit. She looks adorable <3.

Belle in her winter outfit with cute, little birds
I saw this Funko pop online weeks before it came out and for quite a while I thought that it wouldn’t be released in the Netherlands. Fortunately I was wrong. This Funko Pop is very similar to the previous one with one noticeable difference (or maybe two), the two little birds that Belle is holding. I have 4 parrots myself so I love birds. I also really like that birds play a part in the original Disney scene as well. This is one of my new favourites for sure.

Beast with birds
Just like in the original scene not only Belle was interacting with the birds, but Beast as well. This new Funko Pop of Beast is holding the same birds as Belle with one bird sitting on his head. This is very funny to me, because my parrots tend to sit on my head as well. Apparently that is something that birds do. This Funko Pop is also a lot bigger than the regular Funko Pops, which is great. I love this new version of Beast.

The final Funko Pop in this new collection is Gaston. Ofcourse he has to be included. He is wearing his iconic outfit and he looks exactly like his movie counterpart. He’s amazing.

I really love these new Funko Pops. Not only are they wearing different outfits than usual, but they portray one of the cutest scenes of the original movie. I also really love the birds that are included. These are definitely my new favourites <3. What do you think about these new Funko Pops? Are you going to buy any of these?


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