Dutch Comic Con Haul

A little while ago I went to Dutch Comic Con. One of the newest Comic Cons hosted in Utrecht. Just like last year Comic Con had a great dealer room, a stage for it’s special guests and a new and improved Gaming area. All in all it looked great. Yet this year Comic Con wasn’t as fun. I wish there would be more panels and workshops. However, I did find some interesting things in the dealer room area that I wanted to share with you. So let’s take a look.

Tokidoki blindboxes

I ended up buying three Tokidoki blind boxes. I’ve wanted to open one of these before, but they are very difficult to find. So when I did find them I bought several. I opened them up on the train home. They look adorable and the quality is very good for such a small figurine. I might order more if I can find them online.

Frozen Fever Anna Funko Pop

Ever since I came across the Pop Shop at Amsterdam comic Con, I’ve ordered my Funko Pops via this store. This is probably why I no longer actively go looking for Funko Pops at events. Yet there are still a few that I want that are difficult to track down. One of them was Frozen Fever Anna with the little snowmen. I love this version of Anna (and Elsa) so much. I already found Elsa at a different convention so now my little Frozen Fever collection is complete.

Bulbasaur keychain 

Lastly I got this cute keychain of my favourite starter Pokemon, Bulbasaur. He is just so adorable. My boyfriend got the Charmander version. Honestly, we were lucky, because those were the last Charmander and Bulbasaur keychains. They also had Pikachu and Squirtle.

These were all the things that I bought at Dutch Comic Con. Did you go to Dutch Comic Con this year? If so what was your experience like and did you buy anything?


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