Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is one of those movies that I was really looking forward to, but at the same time I was scared to watch. After all, this movie is my favourite Disney movie. I was afraid that they would stray too much from the original story and that it would be very dissapointing. Thankfully, they didn’t and as a result this movie was a great remake of the original Disney movie.


Let’s talk about the beautiful customes in this movie. I honestly loved all the redesigns that they made of Belle’s original dresses. They made Belle’s peasant dress a little bit more tomboy-ish by showing the pants that she was wearing below and the red winter dress got a lot more rich details. I even loved the modern, redesign of Belle’s yellow dress. The costumes of the other charaters looked amazing as well. For exaple, Gaston looked exactly like his animation counterpart. All in all I was extremely happy with all the lovely costumes. 

This movie looked amazing. It captured the feeling of the original movie perfectly. From the small and crazy town that Belle lives in, where everyone knows everyone, to the mysterious castle in the dark, enchanted woods. These two places look and feel like separate worlds. Even the individual scenes looked exactly like the scenes from te animation movie, but with more details.

Portrayal of characters
Most of the charaters were portayed exactly the same as they were in the animation movie. Gaston is still a a selfish, belle obesssed villain. Belle still has a caring, but slightly weird father. Beast is a grumpy monster that hides in the shadows and Belle is heroine that wants more from life than what this little town has to offer. However some important changes have been made as well. For examle LeFou, a character who I never really noticed before, has been given some serious character development in this movie. In this movie the ugly side of LeFou and Gaston’s friendship is shown and rather than accepting it LeFou starts to question it. Gaston forces LeFou to lie abut almost killing Maurice and this is a turning point for him.

Tale as old as time
What made this movie so great is that they mostly stuck to the original story. There were some details added here and there, but overall it looked like the animation movie was brought to life. I don’t think it is neccessary to rewrite a story if the original is already excellent.

Extra background info 
One of the few addittions that I did like is the extra information that was added regarding different characters. We finally find out what happened to Belle’s mother and we als learn a more about Beast’s background. I also really like the character development that was given to LeFou.


New songs
Someone thought it would be a good idea to add new songs to this movie. Now if you are going to do this they need to be as good as the original songs. Unfortunately they weren’t. I wish the moviemakers would have left these songs out. They were awkward and unneccessary.

The Bimbettes
In the animation movie there are these three sisters who absolutely adore Gaston. They are just amazing. Apparently they were in the movie as well. However, it took me a while before I was able to recognise them. They looked nothing like their animation counterparts. Their lovely blond hair and brightly coloured dresses were nowhere to be seen. Instead they were replaced by three girls with dark hair and the same dress. They no longer stood out. It made me a bit sad.

Gaston almost killing Maurice
Once again this is one of those addittions that were unneccesarry. In the animation movie Gaston tries to send Maurice to the asylum. This already makes it very clear that Gaston is rotten on the inside. So I’m not sure why this sidestory was added.

Design castle characters
When I first saw the design of all the characters in the castle I was a little shocked. I didn’t like how Cogsworth, Lumiere, chip and Mrs. Potts looked at all. Yet, I hoped that during the movies their redesigns would grow on me. Although their redesigns did not bother me during the movie I’m still not a fan.

Design Beast
I have to admit that I did not really like the design of Beast. Something in his face just seemed a bit off for me. I was hoping that this would change once I saw the movie, but this feeling still remained.

All in all I really liked this movie. I loved how it brough the Disney animation to life and it is definitely a movie that I will watch again on a rainy day. Some of the redesigns, or reinterpretations, where great whereas others were maybe a bit dissapointing. Yet I still thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Beauty and the beast is still my favourite Disney story.

It truly is a tale as old as time.

Rating: 8/10


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